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Need help with some basic PvE Combos

Silent_Fury - Lost CitySilent_Fury - Lost City Posts: 1 Arc User
edited June 2013 in Seeker
Hello everyone. I leveled my Seeker to level 62 last night and ran into a problem.

I've noticed that I've been having a little difficulty killing equal leveled monsters.

I'm 100% certain it is because of my choice of skills that I've been using. Pretty much I've been acting as if I was an Archer, only spamming Rock Splitting Cleave, Staggering Strike, and Battosai to kill mobs from afar before they can get to me.

While this worked well in the earlier levels, it's not that good anymore. Another problem I run into is running out of mana in literally two to three kills (I suppose I might just have to bite the bullet and purchase a bunch of mana pots). I don't have a problem with HP though, It's just running out of mana fast from having to use so many attacks per kill. Those darn free daily Hp/Mp charms really spoiled me.

So I'd really like to know some decent combos of skills I can use to maybe speed up my kills a little. I have atleast level one in every skill, so hopefully this will inform me on which skills I need to start focusing more on.
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