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Tips to kill Sins :D !

Joax - Lost CityJoax - Lost City Posts: 7 Arc User
edited June 2013 in Seeker
Hi ! ( Seeker 103 NV 3rd) here i ll say some tips to kill Sins !

1. When you fight to a sin that is in stealth you should use the skill to see ppl in stealth or when he Atacks from stealth Domain, Faith, or Expel and then you run with Sage Unffeter and use Blade Affinity to kill the sin b:victory

2. always try to stay away from the sins because they always want to stun us so you should run ! with sage unffter and atack you can try to stun with Voidstep and atack too.

3. Seekers have a skill called Rewinding Gesture very useful to reset Unfetter and Voidstep b:thanks

4. other thing that seekers can do is use the skill called Edged Blur very useful to kill sins, Archangels of Justice are very good too you can use the pets and skills at the same time to kill very fast ppl

5. usually i kill sins with Heartseeker Ion Spike Battosai Arme Nier and Gemini Slash with Blade Affinity ! -chan ! b:victory Sage !

6.Sage Quid Pro Quo is very nice too you can transfer some debuffs for example when a sin paralyze you , you can transfer it and then atack .

7. pvp pots and charm not necessary :P

sorry for my english i hope the seekers that read my post understand me tips

b:bye ill try to post a pvp video soon
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  • HrunsPanda - ArchosaurHrunsPanda - Archosaur Posts: 1,136 Arc User
    edited June 2013

    I recently just did a duel for the heck of it with my zhenning seeker because that voidstep looked so good and i wanted to try it. Other than that and blade affinity i wasnt really aware of what skills were on what buttons and what they do exactly. Just knowing blade afinity and voidstep did miracles !

    Interesting to see that the pvp tips from a 103 come down to kind of the same thing. :)
  • Walpurga - DreamweaverWalpurga - Dreamweaver Posts: 2,028 Arc User
    edited June 2013
    But all these tips are common sense...

    Sins and most other LA toons use phys def orns and phys rings-->**** tier mdef. Sac slash qpq BA rofl faceroll metal skills

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  • Herrote - HarshlandsHerrote - Harshlands Posts: 8 Arc User
    edited June 2013
    But all these tips are common sense...

    Sins and most other LA toons use phys def orns and phys rings-->**** tier mdef. Sac slash qpq BA rofl faceroll metal skills
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  • Traydor_Styx - Raging TideTraydor_Styx - Raging Tide Posts: 115 Arc User
    edited June 2013
    How to kill Sins? More Defense.

    You'll be able to kill them as they can't absorb HP off of you.

    Use Edged Blur to get them out of Stealth.
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  • _Nottunyx_ - Heavens Tear_Nottunyx_ - Heavens Tear Posts: 149 Arc User
    edited June 2013
    But all these tips are common sense...


    sins should not be hard at all for any seeker seeing as alot of sins still run around with op daggers but paper machete 1shot armor nowadays. just go on full defense mode with krav maga and omalley (r8r def lvl sword if you have one) and kite. kite till tidal wears off then oneshot the sin with crit metal dmg.

    if the sin is good and actually know how to cc-lock ya, get genie and make it dex based and put skills such as :

    Badge of courage (stun removal) : at 80 dex, my badge of courage almost never failed me, and it comes in handy to remove tele stuns, headhunt or even occult ice

    Fortify (anti stun) : spammable anti stun genie skill but with short period (around 3 seconds or so depending on your genie's dex). at lvl 1, it almost always mag debuff ya which can me qpq'd back to enemies for extra dmg on ur metal skills. very handy vs sins,bms or even psychic with their annoying soul of stunning

    Will Surge : anti seal, very handy avoiding throatcut + tackling slash combo (without seal you can qpq back the freeze). Comes in handy vs sins, wiz, bm's smack and psy's soul of silence

    Expel : Get this if your gear is still poor / you're still squishy. alot of people said that "oh hurr durr ur a seeker tanky class you shouldnt need expel you shouldnt die from physical attack hurr" well believe it or not this can be real handy if you get unexpectedly jumped by demon sparking sins. also you can expel your enemies (such as unsuspecting sins) and DD them with mag attacks without the sin being able to do anything aside from running away

    hope this helps :)
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  • ISpinYouDrop - Raging TideISpinYouDrop - Raging Tide Posts: 48 Arc User
    edited June 2013
    hit it until it dies
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