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What gear to upgrade first(level 100)

blaufox2411blaufox2411 Posts: 22 Arc User
edited June 2013 in Seeker

first of I'm a newbie...been playing 2 months....I know alot of the game, just not end game...
Today I'm going to turn to level 100. (10 % to go :) )
And This gear im using now...
TT90 armor/weapon
R6 ring/attendence ring
sky demon pearl (amulet 87)
fc belt (str/vit/phys res belt)
3 star robe(str roll)
TT80 helmet

As I'm rather new, with not much coin income. about 1 mill a day(MAX)
I have trouble gathering end game gear....
So far I've only gotten my weapon ready
Nirvana G15 dual swords (str/crit roll)

Now my question. When my money making is slow, what would u suggest to upgrade first. And which item...

I have 0 sage skill books, and do morai dailies every day.(1300 prestige atm)
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  • Zheii - ArchosaurZheii - Archosaur Posts: 2,732 Arc User
    edited June 2013
    ...Hmmm.... okay well.
    I'm assuming that you don't have the reputation to get R8 since you're using an R6 ring, so your other option would be to start working on nirvy gear.
    So, G13 chest, legs, boots, wrists, once you get them to a half acceptable state maybe then start working on ornaments, do your OHT culti to get a half decent belt.
    The free Morai helm that you get for doing the Morai quest line at lvl95 will last you for awhile.
    Work towards G16 Nirvana, but make sure you have everything at least G15 before you go turning it into G16.
    I think I might have missed a few things but that's a start at least, Oh and worry about Sage skills after you have upgraded your gear.

    Also; Do your OHT culti = FREE belt
    Do the Morai quest line = FREE helm
    After you've done this work on your G13 Nirvy armor.
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  • _Nottunyx_ - Heavens Tear_Nottunyx_ - Heavens Tear Posts: 149 Arc User
    edited June 2013
    This is the gear that i had when i first hit 100


    back then nation wars wasn't established yet so the price for s2/s3 armor isnt retardedly cheap yet so that gear was acceptable since i was acc stashing bm's gear and considering that i pk alot. the warsong belt was easily farmed off warsong inscription.

    if you DONT pk however, might wanna consider getting these


    the morai gears are free and completely farmable and if i recall correctly the sword has the same damage output to mobs as r8 sword. you can use this to farm for the g15/g16 armor+sword version of these morai gear (which is awesome for pve). b:thanks
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  • blaufox2411blaufox2411 Posts: 22 Arc User
    edited June 2013
    Thanks for your reply...

    Though the G12 gear you get from morai is alot worse then the gear I wear. TT90 gives alot higher base phys def/magic def. Since I have G15 weapon It's only about the other parts...

    The morai G12 helmet wasnt better as my chintien helmet. So I npced the whole G12 quest items...
    Armor parts it is then...prolly gonna get TT99. I noticed ppl sell them for 15-20 mill. And if you buy mats cheap u can craft them for around 8-10....so ill just keep on going and farm for the TT99 armor parts and after the ornaments..
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