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hey everyone!
i curently reached lvl 80. i upgraded my armors but i can't decide between weapons...s
or this

PLS help me out!
i mention that i pve very much and i mind do FC runs...i can't afford a new genie to put cloud eruption on it so wich one wou'd be better for chi gaining>?
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    seeker uses skills more than auto attack. So go for the damage per hit, not the speed: Shinrotwins.

    And even if you were an auto attacker. Look at those calcs ! That dmg difference :S Are you really thinking you need a faster weapon for making more chi ? Forget about that tought completely. Really, burry it, do a lobotomy, just make sure it does never again try to influence your decision making process.
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    Single swords do get noticeably better chi gain and they have better dps when auto attacking. You will never use auto attacks in a meaningful way in PVP. In PVE when doing a grinding quest single swords help a lot. Auto attack, throw in some procs of the NSW stance and use sparks on increased life and defense mobs and on groups. Single swords are definitely better for grinding quests.

    For vortexing its obviously about damage per hit. Also the defense given by the sword helps, the free divine quest sword for the 80s has great defense add ons.

    HP regen swords help but its not even close to being like blood paint. The HP regen proc will proc more often when aoeing on groups but it seems to me that after about 4-5 mobs the increase in proc rate stops. Otherwise when you vortex on dozens of mobs at a time in places like PV the wep would proc almost all the time and that doesn't happen.

    If your gonna use these to make a higher level TT sword then let that be the tie breaker. I know you have to wait till 85 to use it but don't overlook the Divine Comprehension. If you look hard enough you can find one for 3-5M. I bought mine for 3M and sold it for 7M when I was finally done with it at 101. Kept it in inventory for a long time for special occasions like vortexing when the cleric died.
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    A standard seeker has a MUCH faster attack rate just using skills than by using auto-attack. Then you count in the additional damage done by skills, and it makes auto-attack even more pointless.

    For my Seeker, I just made marginal TT80 because I knew I wouldn't have it long. Got the Divine Comprehensions 2soc +6. Got to 90, and got a full set of Mountcrasher +5 with 4 sockets.

    Now, at 98, I have just short of 8K unbuffed and over 10k with L10 barb buffs. The weapon does enough damage until I make my G16's and I'll be swapping over to them at 100 with the rest of my gear.

    I've been able to almost completely solo FCC since 92. (Except the Bishop boss, still working on getting him down fast enough to not get piles of Bishops.)

    HP regen with the weapon and bloodpaint is enough for me to pull all the mobs in the exp room in one pull and just set up Vortex. I don't see the diminishing proc that soundslegit mentioned with Vortex, but I do see it when spamming AoE skills.

    As for gaining Chi, make an alt that can farm Nix valley in the 40's/50's. Hyper Nix and feed all the exp to the genie. You can sit and farm genies like this very easily. Work it until you've got a decently lucky genie that you can put CE on.
    Either that, or start farming herbs and get a friend that can make white tea. (Or purchase it from your local catsops)

    Truly though, gaining chi in battle really isn't an issue if you're fighting right.