What class would you be in real life?

Mizuryu - Harshlands
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And why?
I'd be a sin just so I could stealth all day cause I'm shy.
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  • HrunsPanda - Archosaur
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    Id be an NPC cuz im too lazy to move.
  • Zanryu - Dreamweaver
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    BM all day errday.

    Or a Wizard.
  • Decus - Dreamweaver
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    Math class. No wait... I did it wrong.
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  • geestring
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    GM..............i win
  • Tsyn - Raging Tide
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    Definitely sin.

    I like to keep poking at problems, in different ways, with different tools, until I find a solution. Never liked using brute force to solve something.
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  • NeonZephyr - Archosaur
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    winged elf Cleric =D

    i want wings and shet!
    and when im sick of running around being a cleric I would be quite qualified to be a doctor $$
    it should be because it is.
  • Soul_Ripper_ - Harshlands
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    Sin with wings (other fishies seem to forget this aspect) so i can stealth and fly where i wanted to, maybe make others think im some ghost f:laugh
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  • Ny_Naeve - Dreamweaver
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    I would be a cleric because I am the mother hen type. My alt would be a veno because I love animals and they tend to gravitate to me whether I want them to or not.....
  • OHelixSykar - Archosaur
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    My first preference would be seeker because I would look bada$$ with my big as swordb:cool Plus I would love to have transposition and voidstep in real life. I would get to places so fast b:chuckle
    My second preference would be a cleric because who wouldn't love to heal peoples' sicknesses and allow those innocent people to be revived?f:grin
  • Crixxix - Raging Tide
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    Wolf Barb. I'd just tank all the bull sh*t that the world throws at me. b:laugh
  • Jeremied - Sanctuary
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    Cleric, definitely. :T I tend to want to help people, love lightning and electricity, and think things with wings are awesome.

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  • Wickedbrew - Raging Tide
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    Psychic. Because I could be quite brutal when faced with an adversary, or I can be charming and vulnerable if I let my guard down.
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  • Desdi - Sanctuary
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    Totally a fox venomancer f:thanks
    I love pets, having a fluffy tail, being able to transform into a pretty fox and..just about everything!
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  • Lucrecia - Momaganon
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    not a class but ...
    i think id be like holeen, staying in my room all days long and when finally some people come they want to skip me because im too difficult b:surrender

    kidding,if you say class, well probably mystic i guess because im talking to my plants and solve problems of others when theyre too lazy.
    Or a seeker because i do research of ancient cultures ? XD IDK
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  • Lucy_a - Sanctuary
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    I would be a mystic (love nature,plants,i got to heal animals with my "summon heal" skill and with my res buff i would be immortal \o/ ) or a cleric (providing rez to my family and friends if something happens ,heal and purify if they are sick lol,also love the thought of using chromatic seal and silent seal on my teacher or people that bug me, its just too funny hahaha)f:laugh
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  • Xx_BeLLa_xX - Harshlands
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    My venomancer probably.

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  • Fate/Soul - Lost City
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    I would be an assassin for hire, every country has them already lol.

    If not that id most definetly be a wizard. Ive always loved seeing how
    magic looks and to be able to shoot fire create water or move earth
    whats not to like about being a real life wizard? b:chuckle
  • Reliea - Sanctuary
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    Definitely a Veno, gotta have dem pets :D
  • Kniraven - Lost City
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    In real life I'd be a BladeMaster, because in real life I am a human. I have no magical powers, however I HAVE taught advanced sabre at a college level for 2 years soooo...

    Irl I'm a sword BM u_u
  • Vedovis - Lost City
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    Venomancer, because they're pretty and can turn into foxes c:

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  • Sisterreaper - Heavens Tear
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    Veno by far <3
    I love animals and it kind of reminds me of being a poke master in some weird wayb:victory
    Oh yes and also what Vedovis said (I love foxes too)
  • SylenThunder - Twilight Temple
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    Cleric, definitely. :T I tend to want to help people, love lightning and electricity, and think things with wings are awesome.

    I couldn't have said it better myself.

    Although if I were feeling evil, I'd be a wizard. mmmmm FIREb:sin
  • Walpurga - Dreamweaver
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    because being able to practice medicine with magic and thus skipping medical school is <3

    Although getting ironheart and purify approved by the FDA will be a *****

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  • Annalyse - Heavens Tear
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    Veno. The whole reason I made one as my first character was because I love animals so much, and have never lived without a pet. Probably a cat veno, because cats are my favorite.
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  • silverwolf7773
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    veno to be able to tame beasts lol
  • Brillance - Raging Tide
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    Mystic, fragile yet passively powerful - in balance with nature, and able to use your natural talents to the benefit of a perfect world. ^^

    Talk about a fantasy...b:chuckle
  • titotit
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    Choices would be between a bm and seeker, they both already seem to be humans so they'll fit right in but i'd have special skills b:victory
  • XSonOfCircex - Sanctuary
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    Totally be a wizard. I'd look like a totally normal human being. All the people who want to be assassins are forgetting that you'd be a walking fish monster, or who want to be earthguards would have a third eye, etc.

    Humans can blend.

    But if someone pisses me off I can still light them on fire with my mind or drop a very large rock on them.
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  • Brillance - Raging Tide
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    EG dont have to have a 3rd eye if they dont want to. The creation screen gives you the opportunity to remove it...ijs.

    My Mystic lost her 3rd eye last makeover. She was thrilled! ^^
  • Apostasy - Raging Tide
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    All i know is that the medical field frowns upon lay of hands in an operating room apparently... and they dont believe in ressurecting either b:surrender kicked me out of med school for such things f:angry other than that, i has no class irl f:sweat