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Just want to make one point about something you had told me:
Wanted was dying, I wasn't the only one who left by the way. It wasn't what it was when I joined and I made various efforts to make the greater majority turn up to TW. If you think you could have done a better job, why didn't you speak up there and then?
Oh wait, you tried to be an officer didnt you Crixix? But you got unanimously voted out. So I guess no one thought you were up to the task.

That's actually not true. I got unanimously voted in, granted after all the extra dead weight had left. Wanted is starting to get back in order. Let whoever has the old Ventrilo account know to either find a new purpose for it, or save their money, because we no longer need it. We have ingenious and hard working people here now, who are humble and loyal.

Mostly this thread is for so the Vent account can be closed and save the person who pays for it money.

Mod, please lock this thread so it doesn't become a troll zone.
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