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  • Sassy/ss_ - Sanctuary49
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    "*chuckle* ahahha your face!"

    "stay away from me!!!" f:shock
  • Synta - Dreamweaver
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    "My goodness, what did you roll in this time..?"
  • muerita
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    1.Please forgive me I did not mean to sleep with your friend. 2. How could you don't speak to me.b:sad
  • foxmike
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    Male: Did u just farted? :0
    Female: Ahh ohhh ummm :{
    Male: Talk to the hand
  • Shardik - Lost City
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    Upper pic:
    Female:"Is it that bad?"
    Male: "ummm... we might be able to work out something...but "

    Lower Pic:

    Female:"what can i do?"
    Male:"Forget it! it's hopeless."


  • darlips
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    Male: OMG, I'm so excited with my new dreamcheaser pack (again).b:dirty
    Salvation: b:sad b:beg
    Male: Go away Salvatione, don't be jealous. b:embarrass Ok i'm leaving...

    *Male enter the ship and gone, with his new powerful armor*

    ~~ That's why male mystics prefer Storm Mistress~~b:cool
    The End.
  • nuevemi3
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    pic 1:
    Mystic: I can't believe you took so long to come after I summoned you.
    Salvation: But I was washing my hair, it takes time to look like this.

    pic 2:
    Mystic: Begone, I survived without you, I no longer need you, I'm good on my own.
    Salvation: But, but .....
  • _Thoren_ - Harshlands
    _Thoren_ - Harshlands Posts: 20 Arc User
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    1st image

    Girl: Here's your sammich dear. <3

    Guy: What is that wretched SMELL!

    2nd image

    Girl: But I thought you liked tuna sammiches dear?

    Guy: Be gone woman and don't return until you have prepared me a proper sammich!
  • Mizuryu - Harshlands
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    Guy : Is that yo' breathe?..
    Pet : No! I-
    Guy : NEVER MIND! Forget the question, just stop talking this direction!
  • seseba2012
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    1boy: you have bad breath!
    2boy: get out!!!!

  • StabbyCakes - Heavens Tear
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    Your mother was a hamster... and your father smelt of elderberries.

    Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time.
  • Decus - Dreamweaver
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    "It's not me, it's your smell."
    Proving that not only archers do math since 2009. b:victory
    Current math challenge:
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  • zalost
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    1st how about fb 69 unwined?
    2nd how about.. no
  • Liveena - Heavens Tear
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    De-motivational Picture

    Body Odor Problem

    -Even if you are an angel with a sexy outfit, man will reject you if you are smelly-
    Heaven Tear

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  • Xllx - Lost City
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    Girl: Did you happen to find those easter eggs i put under ur pillow?

    Guy: Are you serious!!! "i remember a bunny put it there"

    Girl: "hope he love's it" yeah, i also put a white chololate bunny there too...

    Guy: " i thought that was the white easter bunny", uh....... yeah i found them and i loved it

  • jistify1
    jistify1 Posts: 1 Arc User
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    Pic 1 :
    Girl - Please stop it doesn't have to be this way
    Boy - I do not want to have to say goodbye or let you see these tears but i have no choice in the matter
    Pic 2 :
    Girl - Don't leave me please there must be another way.... please hold me one last time
    Boy - Please stop don't make it any harder i must go ,my fate has been sealed i go now to my demise farewell my love, i will always be with you.
  • Mistyfied - Sanctuary
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    Boy: "I can't believe you farted just now."
    Girl:"But I didn't --"
    Boy interrupts:"I can't look at you; you remind me of my mother."
  • STrickeeN - Harshlands
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    1 st picture:
    woman : i kissed a girl
    man: what?????

    2nd picture:

    wman: and i like it...
    man: dont come wihtout her next time!

  • Jadsia - Lost City
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    "So what if she's the evil spawn of a Harpy Wraith. She thinks you're HOT!"
    I **** bigger than you...

    Shut up and play the game.....Damn
  • Empath - Lost City
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    Girl: I'm sorry sweety, I got invited to another squad
    Boy: I'm horified that you would dump me like this for some random squad
    Girl: I just wanted to get GV over and done with! please don't be mad :(
    Boy: Talk to the hand because I am no longer listening..

    <.> Glass Cannon <.>
  • seitori
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    (((A self-absorbed egotistical guys ~ lines to the unwanted suitor)))

    Top picture/// (Egotist) OMG! Surely!! You must be joking........b:scorn

    (Girl) ???But Why???f:cry

    There's just no way that I'd date you (or anyone else for that matter) that looks so much more Fugly & even Less Efem'd, EMO'd & Primped then I do!!! So I must say, Good day too You.....

    Bottom picture/// Now where did I put my Hello Kitty ~ makeup compact???b:kiss

    (Girl) Your what??...f:stare??>>{f:brick}!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Psytrac - Dreamweaver
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    *muffled laughter, puts hand out* no seriously, I said we should stop this..
    I'm a guy, not a woman, that is all
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  • XEffy - Dreamweaver
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    Picture 1
    Boy: You've been cheating on me with those fish haven't you?!
    Girl: No, I swear!

    Picture 2
    Boy: I can see through your lies. Nothing escapes my God Eye. We're through!
    Things are not always how they seem
    Will you be ready?
  • _HyperDrive_ - Dreamweaver
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    OMG WTH is that smell, oh its you not a step closer pls
  • Neodaystar - Sanctuary
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    Girl: Remember when I told you that I am a G.I.R.L?
    Guy: Yeah, I know - you're a girl ;)
    Girl: Well, I didn't mean a real girl. I meant G I R L, as in Guy in Real Life...
    Guy: Oh great, I am scared for life.
    Girl: I thought we had something going so I wanted to be honest...
  • _HyperDrive_ - Dreamweaver
    _HyperDrive_ - Dreamweaver Posts: 24 Arc User
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    OOPS better clarified that post
    Pic:1 OMG WTH is that smell
    Pic:2 Oh its you, not a step closer pls
  • Slivaf - Dreamweaver
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    Where did you get your outfit!? From the dumpster? It reeks to no end, back to the dumpster with you; however, the butterfly can stay.
    Ah, Mistakes are so easily made. ~ laura resnick

    What kind of message are you sending when you insult my intelligence? ~ Me ~ 5/29/2015 (Yes it is possible someone said this before just no idea who/where.)
  • Aanshie - Dreamweaver
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    Pic 1

    She: I just used a makeover scroll!! What do you think?
    He: OMG! What are my eyes seeing? Are you serious?

    Pic 2

    She: Hey! I don't look THAT bad!
    He: Take my coins and go try again. NOW.
  • Zheii - Archosaur
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    Massttteerrrrrr!! I brought you a present!!
    Oh Gawd. No... the horror. HOW COULD YOU?!

    But Master, it's just a mouse!
    JUST. A. MOUSE?! You KNOW how i feel about mice! -glances at it- Noooooooo Eeeeekkkk!!! Get it away from me!!

    -grumble grumble grumble >.>
    maint </3
    grumble grumble grumble- <.<
    Queen of Silly, circa 2014, as conferred by the late great Proski Wallace.
  • Ingrafer - Heavens Tear
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    Pic 1 Boy : Oooo, GURL! Your breath is ratchet!
    Pic 2 Boy: Ain't nobody got time fo dat!
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