No TM's so what cape do I choose?

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Title says it all, no one does TM69/79 on HL. What cape is the next choice?
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    you can still buy the lunar wing trophy or whatever it is for the cape,
    elite leather is a cheap cape that is kinda ok >.>
    matchless wings is super wicked if your an arcane class..
    but you should run around in a +12 lvl/grade 1 cape to turn heads ;)
    it should be because it is.
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    Its x2, noone does it in x2.

    Wait after x2 is off and ppl will do TM again, i saw them atleast once per day when no x2 is on
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    Lunar TM became a bit harder and has a kind of glitch. But is still doable. Wish you luck there, it will be fun though.
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    The abba cape is nice
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    Yes, because people really need 900+ dex or 1000+ magic just for the lulz