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Things you hate when you PVP?



  • Tsyn - Raging TideTsyn - Raging Tide Posts: 149 Arc User
    edited March 2013
    I dislike getting interrupted or spammed. Also hate when people assume equal gear (when was your Full R9s3 the same as my G12 aps gear, again?), or when people complain about me kiting - the only thing that matters is who's dead at the end.

    Also, those who call me utterly fail and unable to PvP without my genie.
    They're right, of course, but it still hurts.

    At previous poster: I b the nicest male PvP sin ever, yo. I give back drops, always ask for fair 1v1, hold a friendly conversation while trying to kill you, and pay for your charm if you prove I ticked more than 500k of it (which has happened).
    Forever overlooked.
    Forever forgotten.
    Forever alone.

    This is a good thing. People don't notice me, and they don't notice the knife whistling towards their throat.
  • Niteshadows - HarshlandsNiteshadows - Harshlands Posts: 583 Arc User
    edited March 2013
    Let's see... I hate it when nabs such as yourself making these qq threads because you were passed around a few times. Lighten up man, it's just a game.
    Do you hate me? Good, that makes for an adequate conversation starter.
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