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Hey all i was just wondering which path to either of the "common" g15 dags is easiest?

The lunar glade weapon to the g15 dags or one of the nirvy ways?

the advantage of going the lunar way is it would be quicker to get the g15? Is this correct?

Advantage of nirvy way is use of the g13 version in between up grading?

Also which of the g15 dags is superior? Assuming ss and -0.05? b:dirty

Thankies :)
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    Before I start anything... why are you stopping at G15 and not continuing to G16? G16 is cheap to make once you have G15, G16 has a much higher chance of getting aps, and the damage of G16 unrefined is roughly similar to +10 G15s. Only real benefit of G15 are the zerks in PvP and even then its a toss up of high damage every hit vs zerk attacks 1/7th the time, and if you are really looking for zerks in PvP go r9 daggers.

    K, now on to your questions:
    The G15 daggers end up being the same thing, just with different names. Netherworld Guidance is Lunar and Dark Death Thorns are the TT version. Same odds, same damage, just different paths to get there and the TT path binds.

    The Lunar path is slightly more expensive. You need a Lunar Glade Weapon Insignia, which runs around 35-50m depending on server/current sales. The TT daggers requires you to do the tt60, tt70, tt80, tt90, tt99 soul edges but all can be done for 20-25m. Then both take 100 raps to g13 and 150 to G15.

    If you are really in need of current daggers the G13s are an option, but if you have a tome the free rank 8 daggers actually out dd them, especially at lower refines. Even without a tome the dps is similar between r8 and G13s. If you don't care whether your daggers bind or are resellable then may as well grab the G13s.

    Odds of int and zerk are 1/26 for G15s. Odds of -int and +40 attack levels are 1/7 for G16s.
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    I am either wanting these dags to be an all round dag or only pve. Would g13 be better for just pve, and roll with r8r daggs with gof for pvp? Idn I really like the idea of gof/ss for pvp n.n

    I honestly didnt realise g16 was that much better than g15 O.o

    Thanks Saku for indepth answer :)
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    Well, when you mention that R8R is another consideration, I'd bypass Nirvy all together. If you have a tome, R8R with GoF will out DD G13 by quite a bit, ESPECIALLY (on the off chance) if you get -interval on em as well.

    Not sure about R8R GoF vs 5APS G15 sacrificial DPS... And I'm fairly certain that no matter the rolls G16 out DDs R8R (Never calculated it though, GoF +-interval on R8R may out DD T3 vana)

    I will say however, if you aren't concerned with teh cost, R9/R9R/R9RR are the best all'round options. (T3 vana out DDs R9/R9R but both are MUCH better PvP IMO but R9RR blows T3 vana out of the water in all fashions.)
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