I need to amp my damage on casters

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Most of my kills in NW come against LA and HA, when I do kill a caster its usually one with unimpressive gear that I can 1-2 shot. When I look at the situation the best explanation I can come up for this is that debuffing metal defense with Ion Spike but being unable to debuff physical defense is why my kills are so lopsided.

Until I get my gear upgraded I can't last long in a fight against a well geared caster without genie skills, apo pots, and glitching ironguard. So I need to do enough damage to kill them in about 10 seconds. Yeah thats also the time between charm ticks but I have the survival issue on top of that. So until I get huge gear upgrades I need to find a way to amp my damage against casters and I'm looking for ideas about that.

I normally consider Tangling Mire a pve skill but I'm thinking of replacing Chi Siphon with it on my pvp genie as Chi Siphon so rarely helps me.

Also thinking of stocking up on Crimson Soul Powder to QPQ the debuff but if I hit an apo pot to survive it will be in a shared cooldown.

I read that the debuff part of Frenzy isn't QPQable, but can you QPQ the whole thing, debuff and buff? Because that might be worth it.

Also thinking of Extreme Poison as a replacement for Chi Siphon.

Anyway, looking for ideas to amp my damage on OP casters. This isn't just to beat them in 1 v 1s. If an OP HA is tanking a squad of people in NW I can usually get them to die by QPQing the mag def debuff from Fortify and hit them with the usual Ion Spike/Heartseeker/Battousai combo. If another seeker or especially a cleric is also attacking them often just hitting them with Ion Spike is enough to get them killed. But when an OP caster is tanking a squad in NW I'm stuck on what to do besides just try to earn credits by ticking their charm over and over.
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    Most "tough" casters use def charms. Best way to deal with that is to normal attack them twice, then unload with your strongest attacks before it refreshes. You can pepper in some weak attacks if you're good at timing.
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    honestly vortex and occult ice works quite well but since casters have purify now that doesn't work too well and i really haven't looked into a way to kill casters with purify because my damage on them is too low anyway.
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    Casters who are considered the real threats are usually wizards with r9r2 cuz they have an insane amount of phy def with their stone barrier and their magic def is also pretty high because of arcane armors.

    I don't know about others but i m only +7 weapon on my r9r2 and i can kill r9r2 psychics no problem when i catch them in black voodoo. However, its not the same with wizards. They're a pain in every way possible. I would say if its a NW/TW situation, try to keep em stucklocked with 2 voisteps + pet's stun + immobalize them whenever and try the sac slash + EP/tangling mire + gemini + other attacks and coordinate with your squad to kill them. If its a wizard with +12 armors ofc.. The +10 wizards who have no JOSDs are no real threat imo.