HP Computer Fails!!!

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SO i bought an HP computer and every time i try to download the game it stops at 99% and the Mb turns 0 and says calculating time.............so im assuming that my comuter cant download PWI then Right? or is it the antivirus that its making problems with the download??????


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    It's either your antivirus or your firewall. This has only been discussed to death since PWE started using Pando and stopped providing an actual direct download.

    Alternatively, the Torrent method works flawlessly if you actually bother to read and follow the instructions. It's faster than the fake direct download method as well.
    1. Download and install torrent software. (I recommend utorrent.)
    2. Click on the "Download Torrent" link on the Downloads page.
    3. Once the download is finished, go to the directory your completed downloads are in and you will see a file named "PWI_v676_Installer.rar".
    This is a compressed file. you will need something to unpack it. (I use ALZip)
    If you right-click on the file, there should be an option to "Extract to 'PWI_v676_Installer\'". Click that and it will unpack the file into a directory with the same name as the file.
    4. Temporarily disable the active scan for your antivirus software.
    5. Once the file is done unpacking, navigate to that folder. (Hint: It should be "utorrent\Downloads\PWI_v676_Installer".
    6. In this folder there is a file called "install.exe". Run it. (If you have Vista or newer, right-click and choose "Run as Administrator.)
    7. Follow the directions to install the client.
    8. After the client is done installing, add the directory where it installed to the exceptions list for your antivirus software. (The default folder location is "C:\Perfect World Entertainment\Perfect World International")
    9. Launch the client using the icon that was placed on your desktop during the install and let it update.
    8b. Launch the client and then close it before it updates, and then download the manual patches needed to bring the client up to date and install them. (Manual method is about 80% faster than automatic.)
    10. Play

    Read step 1 carefully. >.<
    If you insist on using the bloatware Pando method, browse the forums and read the solutions before you bother to post again. There's a 99% chance that whatever you say has already been answered at least a hundred times.
    Take the time to look for your answer before you post like an idiot.

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