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Why don'tyou display the helmet as so many games do like -removed-
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    Why don't you search before posting? This has already been suggested numerous times. If the devs wanted helms, capes or whatever to be visible, they would have been to start with.
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    Rainbow sed it all... and az I've sed in all the other threadz made around this topic.... NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! b:angry
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    So as all the kind, patient, helpful, and tolerant people in this thread have already pointed out, I searched this topic before making a thread in the suggestion box. However since the implementation of head fashion into PWI I think its time to re-look at adding a "display helmet" feature to the inventory. I know my character, for example, has very smooth and supple skin, with my perfect hair quaff, running around in a mountcrasher plate I look something akin to a sparkly vampire from twilight. And not that I want my character to be hideously ugly but the customizations for humans seem to lack a certain badassness. Adding a display helmet feature, similar to the display fashion feature, would allow people who want to display a sweet armor set complete with helmet, the option to do so. While people who don't, don't have to.

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    Cape too! IJS

    I think that if you're running around in HA armor, you shouldn't be FORCED into carrying your helmet in your pocket or something, IJS.

    How's a helmet gonna save you from a konk on the head if you aren't wearing it!? xD

    But in seriousness, I definitely think it would be cool. *wonders if there are any numeric values that would correspond for them on the head sections in the .inis* xD
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    You must wear your helmet when you are riding your motorbike, otherwise guards will attack you. :)
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    Please do not post in threads whose last reply was over a month old. This is called a necro, and it is against forum policy. If you would like you can create a new topic, with a link back to this one. thank you.

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