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If there was ever a servers merger (what would you think about if?)

seitoriseitori Posts: 1,328 Arc User
edited November 2012 in Off-Topic Discussion
The (Servers Merger) that was eventually done by {PWE/i} also implemented a transfer system that would allow for a (players choice) kind of individual character transfer option aswell as a general population swap) for players too be able to pick & choose which server that specific characters of theirs ~ could be transferred too??

I'm not saying that it would ever take place...


But have chosen to ask this question because, I've noticed lately that alot of people have been posting about there desires too transfer their characters too other servers as of late, so that they don't need too (re-roll new ones on the other servers) So what would your thoughts be on it, if {PWE} did by some miracle allow a (Piecemeal form of a population transfer system) aswell as a general merger of the populaces; would you be for such an option (and possibly use it yourself) that would allow you and others too be able too specifically choose where to be able too transfer specific characters of yours too other servers of your choice // Or would you be against it (what would be your reasonings on it??)

((For examples: Perhaps you have (a character or two) that You've leveled & geared while in the safety of PK'ing in the {PvE Servers} and you may now want too try out on the {PvP servers} now that you've geared them up?? // Or // If in reverse, some of the {PvP} Populaces now wanted too retire some characters from (fulltime PK~status) on the {PvPs} and now just want to go {PvE} with those characters, by chance)) What would your opinions be on it???b:question

How many people do you think would actually take advantage of such a transfer system if it did come to exist during an actual Servers Merger time? (and which servers do you think would come out ahead because of it)???


(I honestly don't think that there would be as many players who would use that option, as one would first think there would be (only mostly those, who for the most part have been popping up making those posts on occasion lately...)

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  • Michael_Dark - Lost CityMichael_Dark - Lost City Posts: 9,091 Arc User
    edited November 2012
    If there were sever merges, I might actually start playing again.
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  • Xx_BeLLa_xX - HarshlandsXx_BeLLa_xX - Harshlands Posts: 7,231 Arc User
    edited November 2012
    That would be interesting.

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  • Euthymius - Heavens TearEuthymius - Heavens Tear Posts: 3,162 Arc User
    edited November 2012
    If there was a transfer option, I wouldnt use it. However, a merge with another server can lead to some amusing WC banter and interesting PK/TWs.
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  • gamekillzgamekillz Posts: 50 Arc User
    edited November 2012
    As long as my PvP server isn't turned into a PvE server, and as long as I can keep my character names i'm perfectly fine with that.
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  • hiddenmonkeyhiddenmonkey Posts: 179 Arc User
    edited November 2012
    Servers used to be 1 a long time ago and the only separation when logging on was picking which was the least laggy. Most mmo's call these channels within a server now.
  • fuzzywuzzfuzzywuzz Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited November 2012
    seitori wrote: »

    I'm not saying that it would ever take place...

    ..and for that reason, Fuzzy is placing this thread in the OT.

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  • iexzeiexze Posts: 239 Arc User
    edited November 2012
    I think server merge would be good, though I have made a home on HT so I wouldn't transfer.
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