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which weapon per level up?

parayoparayo Posts: 4 Arc User
edited October 2012 in Blademaster
I'm a newbie this game, and want to make a blademaster as my main toon.
It seems that I have to use Axe and Claw as my main weapon.

My questions are;

1) Which is better(efficient) weapon for early time leveling?
2) Which is the best genie for blademaster (I saw 4 kinds of genie)?
3) Which is the most important manufacturing skill if I have to choose only one skill?
(I guess I can't master all of 4 skills)
4) blademaster can do good enough role in TW?

Thank you.

p.s. Please ignore any syntax error with my poor English, but let me know if need more info^^
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  • ZackMystic - HarshlandsZackMystic - Harshlands Posts: 325 Arc User
    edited October 2012
    BM fists are good at 60+. Start with annhilators fists then use dark flash claws lvl 70 til you get gorenox vanity at 85. then past lvl 95 get deicide if you got **** ton of money. for axes use quest ones til lvl 70 and get calamities of blood (sacrifical strike addon) until lvl 90 then get the lvl 90 gold axes with sacrificial strike. If you are still interested in BM then also know that in TW we're basicially aoe stunners, phys buff, and aoe cursers. Goodluck to you, and check out some guides in the bm section for lvling
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  • _Mg_Zr - Heavens Tear_Mg_Zr - Heavens Tear Posts: 562 Arc User
    edited October 2012
    Um use axes as your main weapon until early 70's but always carry a pair of fists to get chi for using heavens flame during boss fights.

    You can lvl all of the manufacturing skills, i dont know if there is a single most important one but for me the two most important are tailor and blacksmith.

    Doesnt matter which genie you get they can all be built the same. Although you should get a zeal because it is the only genie to get the earthflame skill which allows you to lure mobs.

    Bms in TW have 2 main roles, aoe stunning and aoe debuffing. Other roles include support and distractions and if you are built really well you could be expected to try and tank some people :p
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  • Sakubatou - SanctuarySakubatou - Sanctuary Posts: 4,001 Arc User
    edited October 2012
    Your English is fine, better than many peoples. And welcome to PWI.
    parayo wrote: »
    1) Which is better(efficient) weapon for early time leveling?
    Levels 1-29 are all about the same for weapons. Axes attack slower but do more dph (damage per hit). Fist attack faster but have less dph. When using skills the attack speed of a weapon doesn't matter, so axes have a bit of an advantage here. You will also get a poleaxe at level 19 for completing you fb19. For this reason I suggest axes 1-29, after that use fist and axes.

    At level 29 you will get a "spark". Every time you attack you get 5 chi (10-15 for skills). 100 chi makes a spark which can be used for certain skills. The single spark attack increases your damage by 100% weapon damage, and heals you 10%. How I prefered to kill mobs at this level was using fists I'd attack 2-3 at one time while single sparked. I never needed mp or hp pots because I wasn't using skills, my single spark heals me or the skill Diamond Sutra (leave at level 1) heals me for 1 spark.

    Axes are great for aoeing, but have poor single target damage and require skill use. At low levels you wont be able to reap the benefit of aoeing because you're still rather squishy.
    parayo wrote: »
    2) Which is the best genie for blademaster (I saw 4 kinds of genie)?
    I'd suggest Zeal genie. The difference between genies is their starting skill and starting stats. The only starting skill thats useful is Earthflame on Zeals.

    Its used for luring mobs, meaning pulling one mob out of a group of mobs without the rest following.

    For 3 mirage celestones you can craft a new genie so if you got one you don't like or one with low LP (lucky points) then you can make a new one. On all my characters I immediately make a zeal so it can level up with my character.
    parayo wrote: »
    3) Which is the most important manufacturing skill if I have to choose only one skill? (I guess I can't master all of 4 skills)
    No manufacturing skill is required unless you want you name on your gear or want to recast rank pieces (100+ gear). If you want to pick one I'd suggest tailoring since several pieces of armor bind when you craft them but are still upgradable (for instance 99 armor can become 100 armor but if you bound it to yourself you can't hand it to another player to make it the 100 gear).
    parayo wrote: »
    4) blademaster can do good enough role in TW?
    Blademasters are great in tw, but tw is a group effort. Blademasters largely do crowd control and assist other players and leave killing to more damage based classes.
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  • parayoparayo Posts: 4 Arc User
    edited October 2012
    Guys, thank you very much for detail answers.
    I think I got more clear idea on my toon with your advices.

    Not a big deal but one more question...
    Do you know which server is most populated(especially low lvl players)?
    Upon my few days' experience, I could hardly see low level players on many servers.

    Thanks again.
  • Jaabg - SanctuaryJaabg - Sanctuary Posts: 2,256 Arc User
    edited October 2012
    Just to add on, if poor like me, don't neglect to level the apoc skill. Comes in very handy in making potions that you might need. The hp, mp buff is better than the cleric one, shorter in duration.

    Not sure about the best servers for low lvl population, Sanctuary has a decent crowd, there are a few more servers as well which are well populated.
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