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semi end game aps(TT99 armor)

_Rysan_ - Lost City_Rysan_ - Lost City Posts: 21 Arc User
edited October 2012 in Blademaster
I have decided to level a BM as my main and was wondering what is the cost of the required pieces of armor that improve your aps, i just wanna know because i will start ginding for it a little early and just want to know what i should be aiming for when it comes to prices so i know how much grinding and merching im gonna have to do to get it.This is the build im going for later. http://pwcalc.com/d7a9fc4fa828b20d Oh can can someone tell me at which lvl it is best for me to start aoe grinding for profit.....id do it as soon as i can but just worried that id lost more coin then making it XD.

Was aslo thinking about getting the robe very early but just ignorant of the cost.

TY to whoever answers.......if anyone answers
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  • _Mg_Zr - Heavens Tear_Mg_Zr - Heavens Tear Posts: 562 Arc User
    edited October 2012
    I cant speak for lost city but on harshlands you would be looking at about 140m for all the pieces of TT99 then another 80m ish for the cannys for the leggings.

    Then about 40m for the claws. If you get a trophy mode cape it costs around about 8m on harshlands over the 50m for the lunar glade. So say roughly about 250-280m for the gear.

    Considering you will need a helmet and rings as well as a tome you could add roughly another 30-50m for that (unless your gonna get a interval robe but they cost alot. I think 400m or so on harshlands for the pan gu).

    Then ideally you should have 50-100m to refine and shard your gear. So ideally i would say 400-500m to have a decent set but i guess you could scrape by with around 300m

    The best aoe grind spot for below lvl 80's would probably be the seaweed thieves. Just remember when your aoe grinding to always try and have bp to minimise your costs.
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  • Jaabg - SanctuaryJaabg - Sanctuary Posts: 2,256 Arc User
    edited October 2012
    Each server different prices

    Sanctuary, during 2x, chip price - 500k~1m = gold mat price.

    TM 69 = free to 1m per run.

    Robe = 800k x 8 runs = 6.4m

    Belt = 10.44mx2+600kx8 = 25.68m

    Arm = 5.5mx2+400k = 11.4m

    Boots = 10.5mx2+600k = 21.6m

    Chest = 18mx2+600k=36.6m

    Pants (tt) = 9mx2+3.6m = 21.6m

    300k per canny = 250x300k = 75m

    Weapon = 30m

    Total = 228.28 roughly 230m. If you farm things, can bring the cost down by 5m to 150m to completely free.

    TT 90 green = free, any class can farm it.
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