Why did you choose your class?



  • hiddenmonkey
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    My first was an archer which I quickly abandon for a cleric after watching them destroy mobs compared to my archer. My main draw however was the fact they were winged elves. Played veno after that since I could solo a lot.

    But then bam, just as I was about to switch to archer (because its actually my preferred class) in MMOs they drop the sin into my lap. And sin I love, because they can do the one singular thing, stealth. I love sneaking around, it suits my personality. I have debated circling back to my original class, but my stealth love is an addiction I can not break.
  • Silest - Sanctuary
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    Blademaster(68) - This was the first class I chose. I was wanting to try something different besides being a mage type, something I been doing since 2001. Didn't like blademaster though and dropped it 5 days later to make a psychic. Later on I would remake a blademaster and go further, giving it a chance. Got it to 68.

    Psychic(89) - To be honest, I was dragged into the hype of this class. I have lost considerable interest in it over the years, and its just extra storage.

    Venomancer(98) - Because this is THE class for anyone who finds themselves constantly playing alone/want to be alone/cant rely on others/don't rely on others, with the bold part of this being the primary reason for me. But again I don't play it much. Maybe if it weren't on the same account as my seeker.

    Seeker(102) - something I was looking for in a class for a long time, even before I came to PWI.

    Cleric(80) - Before moving on to the melee aspect, I was a healer for years in many games.. Guess you can say this is now for sentimental sake. Still haven't lost my touch either(currently contemplating rather to go back to my roots..)

    That's pretty much it.
  • Azzazzzin - Archosaur
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    my first toon was a cleric, loved the ability to heal myself made it to 91 and got sick of sqaud wipes and having people ask for buffs and telling me when to heal them. not to mention squishy as hell and always need help at low levels.

    switch my main to assassin at around 79 once i got healing trance and now glad i made a cleric for buffs / BB. I can solo almost everything with BB and crabs

    Pocket Cleric FTW b:chuckle
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    Played veno + mage on MY. Came here and made a cleric and it's remained my main since even if I do moonlight as a mystic and veno.

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    Psy cuz I like messing with people's heads, but then later I found out I actually like AOEing the hell out of people and watching how many large numbers go up while bodies drop down. At any rate the class is pimp.
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    BM with magic points that don't exist anymore.

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    My first was an archer, because I had no idea what a cleric was or what they did. <.< Then I saw a cleric using Plume shot, which made my little bow look lame. I still had no idea they were healers though.

    And boom, JerV1 was born. And so lies in a dusty corner of my first account, unused and stripped down to his skivvies. Only reason to keep him around is so I can eventually stash over the un-timed version of the lvl50 account stash magic sword over to my wiz. b:chuckle
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  • Pantherlilie - Archosaur
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    i like pet classes so it was a toss up between mystics and venos but i also like getting up in an enemies face and doing heavy damage without the use of magic so veno is what i went with. made her a HA veno from the very start and she does great b:chuckle
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    I picked a cleric when I started because my other friends were DD/tank classes and we needed a healer. They all quit back in 2009... ;-;

    I now play an archer (I know, sue me, my sig makes no sense anymore)... b:shutup

    It's okay, Decus. You were always an archer on the inside. b:flower
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    BM with magic points that don't exist anymore.
    Same here b:chuckle
    Did not know about reset notes at that time. b:beatup
    So he died at Anglers Village after drinking to much Thousand Year lees wine b:chuckle
    Switched to Psychic and fell in love with my Squishy Fishy. b:pleased
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  • augustfinknottle
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    My first class was an Archer (I still play) that I chose to play because I'm an archer in real life.

    I wonder if we'll have someone saying "My first class was an Assassin because I'm an assassin in real life". b:shocked
  • truekossy
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    I wonder if we'll have someone saying "My first class was an Assassin because I'm an assassin in real life". b:shocked

    I'd answer, but then I'd have to kill you.
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    truekossy wrote: »
    I'd answer, but then I'd have to kill you.

    Can the muffin get the pk kill, if you kill him/her in stealth?
  • truekossy
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    Can the muffin get the pk kill, if you kill him/her in stealth?

    The muffin already has the PK kill. b:shocked
  • Reliea - Sanctuary
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    I started a cleric first, because I joined with a friend who had played before and was making an archer; I wanted to start in the same zone as him. I hated it, so he suggested I try Veno, since I still like magical classes.
    So I did, and really loved it.
    Then we decided it would be cute if we made characters with the names from the first game we played together, so I remade a veno, named it Reliea, and never looked back :3

    Coincidentally I kept my first char, the cleric, and no longer hate playing her b:chuckle
  • Sidwinder - Heavens Tear
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    I Chose archer because I just like shooting stuff and I my main on FFXI at the time was ranger. I tried sin but at around lvl 68 I got bored I don't know sin is boring to me. Currently I am lvling a seeker and now that is a fun class.
  • MasterPerian - Lost City
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    Wizard and because i like to nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke. I have never changed my main. :D
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  • Iyeru - Dreamweaver
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    I chose my class (Psychic) because it's a magic class, and does Burst DD very well, and has short channel times.
    My character is a Psychic, over level 21 on Dreamweaver.
  • Leviath_Imp - Lost City
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    1) Archer- b/c i was playing with a bunch of friends on sanctuary server and they picked all the other classes

    2) Wizard- 1st class on lost city server, b/c i love mages (even tho everyone told me to reroll cuz they sucked). glad i stuck to this as my main, definitely enjoyed endgame power and pvp

    3) Assassin- 2nd class on lost city server, i think the reason i rolled one of these was b/c i mustve either hit my head really hard on a pole, eaten my roommate's toxic "homecooked" food, stayed up for too long without sleep, or a combination of the three... but rly b/c i needed a farming char and i wanted to find a way to beat really skilled/pro sins on my wiz. i concluded that there was none... b:surrender
  • Manostra - Harshlands
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    I ended up being a cleric because i started with a former friend from another game. We didnt knew anyone and we thought it would be nice to get a combination that is a powerfull duo, somehow we ended up me being cleric and him being BM. It worked really well. Im too lazy to make me another charakter and run trough the gear up mill again, thats why i still play him.
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  • Nymphali - Dreamweaver
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    Because my class has a monster DPS, insane critical hits, goes stealth, has stun/silence chains.

    I play a mystic too, i choose it because it has a monster versatility b:bye
  • Nightstalk - Raging Tide
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    Well, I first started a cleric which was epic fail on Sanc server. I had no idea what I was doing and this was pretideborn. I had points distributed in every section xD. I got frustrated and quit for along time. Came back and started a BM.....got too 6x and was bored of the game again. So I quit again. When Tideborn came out I started a Psy at first then my sin. Played both too 8x and lvld my Sin up more. I instantly fell in love. Ive experimented with all classes and have rolled/ deleted mahy. I started my cleric again because Of lethargic reasons. I have adhd lmao
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  • Laphroaig - Raging Tide
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    I don't really have a character I would deem a main character, but if I had to answer, I would say my BM. I tend to rotate various toon playing, depending on mood, number of available quests, and squad needs. Though my least favorite is my barb. I just can't get into playing a barbarian for some reason.

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  • Toliman - Raging Tide
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    I had selected Wizard, because magic only is difference of the game from reality. Psychic is like half-Wizard (they removed one branch of fire element from the skills' tree).
  • TommyElfGuy - Sanctuary
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    My First Character Cleric I Choosed Cleric Cause The Person That Got Me TO Join Was A Good Female Friend.And She Said Her Faction Needed A Cleric.So I Chosed That And Stuck With It.I Like Sitting Back Healing With Other Takes The Damage XD
  • XLeeu - Heavens Tear
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    First toon I made was a Barb - played it till lvl 50(ish) and the switched to BM.

    BM is still my main and I love the versatility of a BM - Just so much fun !

    I have 1 of each toon now, but still like he BM most.

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  • Enthana - Heavens Tear
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    My first toon was a sin and why? Mainly becouse it was the race that looked most "exotic" lol and meele char instead of mag couse i thought mag would be more complicated to play. PWI was my first real mmo (only tried Runescapee before that) so i had no idea wat class or playstyle was gonan suite me.
    Im glad i decided to make a sin, since i was a really big noob uptil like lvl 70 i didint do too much "dmg" to sqauds for being fail b:embarrass, and now at end game its a great money making toon but ofc really fun to play too :x