Coins for clic ?

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EDIT 30th April:

LAST DAY to get your 300k per votes !
(for the new people, read the Original post below too)

vote for the pic of my son, and you'll get 300k :

HERE => only the screenshot for this one is mandatory

Vote this one too, just to help please :-)

No numbe rof votes limitaitons ! but NO FAKE ACCOUNT !!!!
If you make 20 friends vote with their FB accounts, i'll give you 6 mil per day.

Please regroup all your screenshots in one mail, and in jpeg format (my mailbox is exploding).
In the mail you send to me, copy paste and fill in the info:

Total number of votes :
Total coins :
Votes :

Here is an example:
Total number of votes : 3
Total coins : 900 k
Votes : 690, 693, 695
(with the screenshots of course)

Send the mail to.

Screen shot looks like this:



Anyone here interested to get coins in HT ?

as you know, until they make server transfer stone, i'll not use my few mil on HT ^^

i'm currently in a facebook contest, with a picture of my son

You can vote for him HERE
you need to click on "VOTER" and a green message will appear

If you prove me you voted for him, by sending to, a screen shot like this:


with this particular sentence in french "Merci votre vote a ete enregistre..." in GREEN
let your facebook name on the screenshot (top right)

I'll give you 300 k per Vote.

And send me a mail in game, i will answer back with the money (so it avoids the delay for payment if you're not online when i am, and it avoids any mistake in the name spelling...i dont want to send 300k to someone who doesnt deserve them ^^)

You can vote, once a day, and the contest ends 1st May.
So it's 10 days more from now.

so you can easily get 3 mil from these 10 clics.
I would say i can spend 300 mil for this, so first come, first serve. :-D

I'll log on PWI everyday if i get the proofs of your vote, to pay you asap.

Thanks !

PS: for the one who doesn't know how to screenshot, you can press your key "Prt Scr" on your keyboard, then open Microsoft Paint (example) and "Paste" it, save it, then send it to me by mail (attach file to your mail) :-D
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