Is it worth coming back?

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As the title says,i've been away for quite a time now,do you guys think it is worth coming back and start playing again or there isn't a chance for a non-cashshoper to get decent gear and stuff here again?
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    Ofc it's worth coming back. There are vast amount of endgame content and balance in game to allow all classes and players of all economic level to be competitive.
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    Search your exact topic title.
    Read the other topics asking the exact same question.
    Sorry, but this comes up so often, its redundant to answer it. They may as well sticky this as a headline.
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    This is what im doing: Merchant while im at school and stuff so I can have money over the summers to have fun :)
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    unless you have ungodly free time, then no i wouldn't come back without cash shopping. when they said competitive, what they meant to say was they want to compete to see who can kill you the most since you obviously won't have 20k hp, be 5.0 or insta cast, or have 50k phy def... so yea if u got free time come back lol 6-8 hours a day for the nxt 3-6 months non stop should do it >.> i myself only play during double drops etc even if u do vender 24/7 it will take a very long time to get 70 mil to get the lunar wep/cloak/whatever you'll never have rank gear so u'd need to farm TT for those mats etc and lets face it... killing bosses in this game was never much fun to begin with. now if u were a 5.0/know one to help/3-4 of em it wouldn't take you very long to do anything in TT. but if you're gone for a while good luck >.> 5.0's don't usually TT because 5.0's don't need anything in TT it's all about nirvana runs in 15 mins 5.0 vs casters etc. go get a job and come back and u can be competitive. 2 mil for a hp charm is a sale these days lol at nerfed dq prices thats a hmmm 8 hour shift right there grinding so yea think resourceful, casuals will just end up bored and pissed off as usual.
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    unless you have friends (high lvl friends) that help u with ur stuff... noep dont think it's worth it atm
    low lvl is outdated. 100+ + cs is the new way to go today if u want to be someone

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    If you have time enough to spare why not... Do note that you'll be an undergeared noob untill you're 100... After you reach 100 you have a chance to get big coin rewards from BH every day and you can do Nirvy runs or just the 99 key run in there... So basicly with no CSing you'll suffer 'till you're 100 and after that things will get better... But you will always be better then plvl noobs that don't know how to play their class at high lvles... b:victory
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    No, here's why, all you will be doing from 1-100 is either grind/bh/FC, BH is just boring as hell, the game is so meat paste it's unreal in terms of PvE, of course from 80-85+ generally, all you will be doing is FC, you prob wont do BH since it's not worth the time or money for wines ironically when you can just do an FC run instead, if you ever hit 100, all you will be doing is farming/merchanting millions upon millions to attempt to get R8 and +10 it or so, just so instead of being a 1 shot, you will be a 1-3 shot instead, oh the joys of a broken games pvp balance.
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