bishop boss in fcc. any tips to solo him ???

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basicly i'm asking what way their is other then simply hitting harder, to take on bishop boss in fcc at a decent kill rate *freggin sleep + bishops delay it a ton*. this sin can solo fcc, i just did that not very long ago. but bishop boss is the hardest merely by taking forever. is their any way to help mitigate the delay from bishops, and sleep/purge. that won't cost a fortune.

ok so here's the thing i got a 91 sin geared at

+6 2 pgarnet hook and thorn

2.5 aps

4.5k unbuffed hp

3k pdef
3k mdef
3.5-4.2k unbuffed unsparked dmg
25% crit rate

genie has

wind shield
leaf dance
chi syphon *use this, duel my 96 bm. rds > slas > chi syphon > force stealth. run to shade or boss ect*. puts my bm to full chi so he can jsut **** the mob pulls multiple at a time, clear faster then sin for selling fcc to others.
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    Triple spark to resist the purge. Sleep can't really be avoided without anti-stun/genie/apoth
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    gonna take a lot of practice to spark resist that purge lol. it seems to be immediatly after he speaks. i've tried sparking right when he speaks, but it don't work. do it a fraction of a second after, and it dont work. once i waited a second or two after and 3sparked. only for it to purge the 3spark lol.
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    I can spark resist most of the time, but then again on my archer I can do it without buffs. It's been a few months since I FCed at all, but I think you spark when the animation for spawning bishop starts and you will resist the purge.
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    i'll half to try it next time. see how it goes. it'll be easier if i resist the purge and remain full buffed.
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    Is Adrenaline Surge any good?
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    Too much energy usage in my opinion. As soon as you get hit sleep is broken anyway. Seeing as you're soloing I don't think it really is that much of a problem, the main problem is sleep -> purge since it stops you from spark resisting.
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    There's a way to avoid purge.

    -Make an alt Sin
    -Level it to have a stealth level above 88
    -Add all Vit and min stats to wear armor(HA?)
    -Bring him with you
    -Bishop boss will always purge/sleep him,never you
    -?? profit
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    lol to stealth past 88 mobs is what lvl 60-70ish if that lol. my 75 seeker i could pq + vortex to 80. and get the alt sin to 60-70 pretty easily. i'll consider it but meh idk. we'll see how ti goes, stil got alittle testing.
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    Charm, meats, tidal protections, and genie skills are your best bet. Right after purge bp your self and triple spark the spawn to death then focus on boss and rebuild chi. I wouldn't try to triple spark the purge because if you **** up that's 3 sparks down the toilet and you're probably screwed.

    Since you are duel logging with your bm you might want to use your bm as bishop bait. That way you won't get purged on your sin.
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    Also keep tidal protection up. While you may still mess up on occasion, tidal will be a bit of extra security since it can resist the purge.
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    Tidal prot., when it wears off use maze steps to avoid sleep at least for 10 sec. charm is a good addition or anti stun/sleep/immobilize pots, sometimes even absalute domain helps, but with that hp it would be extremely hard, also the weapon isn`t too good, but you can always try, sometimes he`s easy to kill and sometime a pain in the as s with massive charm **** as soon as you come out of spark and he uses the bubble.
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    Nobody's mentioned Tidal protection or Vacs. Vacs won't matter a **** if you're under 95 though.

    TBH, Dreadindra is rough for just about any class below 99, with a few exceptions.

    Having soloed Dreadindra many times on my Sin, including quite a few at 97, 98, 99, 100, and 101, I have a few pointers.

    1) Having 4k HP isn't really enough to solo this boss.
    2) Don't expect to keep your buffs. If you want to have a Barb Buff, Cleric buffs, or whatever AFTER this boss, then you should have someone waiting for you in the entry way to rebuff you after this boss dies.
    3) When Soloing, kill the Bishops first. Having 10 Bishops stacking their lightning strike attack on you and spamming the ever living hell out of it kinda, um, what's that word? Sucks.
    4) Don't bother trying to spark resist every purge or sleep. It's kinda, um, what's that word? Impossible. Dready does the purge or sleep every 5-7 seconds, it takes 10 to build up 3 sparks at 5.0.
    5) If you want to be hardcore about soloing this fool, build a genie to help you. Pick out skills to resist or remove sleep, resist purge, and gain chi. Luckily, those skills exist. I'm not familiar with the first kind, but you can use Absolute Domain to resist purge, and Chi Siphon or Cloud Eruption to gain chi. A low str/dex/vit genie and high magic might yeild the best results on this kind of genie.
    6) 9x is rough. Take yer crabs with you. Make sure on bosses that do melee attacks (Runewolf, ummm... Jailboss if you want to do it, there's a few others), keep Rib Strike on.
    7) If all comes to ruin, you can always get a friend with a similar level Sin to join you and help out. :3
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    I'm a bit confused. Are you stealthing to the boss? The last sentence of your opening post implies you have a BM there as well.
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    If you can take the hits then leave the bishops alone. That way you can focus on boss and the bishop will help wake you up when you sleep. The boss purges when he spawns a bishop. So spark every time you see a bishop. Other than that just pray that your tidal protection likes you and that you crit a lot xD
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    Another thing you could try is duoing w/ another sin until you can wear TT 99 gears and get higher aps. The exp nerf isn't that bad, and the reduction to headaches is priceless.
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    i found the bishop always spawns before the purge so it gives me time to spark if you get the timing down.
    Tidal protection is 50% chance to resist.
    If you can stand not killing the bishops kill boss then bishops after. however this wont work if you kill to slow or dont have alot of hp to work with.

    that is my opinions anyways