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  • Enthras - Raging Tide
    Enthras - Raging Tide Posts: 25 Arc User
    edited December 2011
    Run, Purge, Run, eventually die... [... is meant to be there in the final title :O]

    U really need an explanation for this title? xD
    That's just what i do:
    I run to the enemies, purge them, start to run out of their range, and eventually i die... a lot... xD
    Thx Suitengu for the AWESOME signature. Loved it.
  • Ckato - Lost City
    Ckato - Lost City Posts: 18 Arc User
    edited December 2011
    sexy and i know it.

    if not ill be fine with "the most beautiful sin " b:surrender

    and it is because i have one of the best looking assassins in the game... im serious o________o
  • DodoBear - Harshlands
    DodoBear - Harshlands Posts: 73 Arc User
    edited December 2011

    Nose Digger

    Well.. Do i have to give a background for that? .. I mean you know.. Its a nose digger..
    Drat and double drat! b:victory
  • Ariella_ - Lost City
    Ariella_ - Lost City Posts: 245 Arc User
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    Am I still level 7?
    <3 b:cute
  • ImNotFiveAps - Dreamweaver
    ImNotFiveAps - Dreamweaver Posts: 458 Arc User
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    Am I still level 7?

    It would appear you are.

    I would like my forum title to be......

    Five Aps

  • Ashivas - Dreamweaver
    Ashivas - Dreamweaver Posts: 1,293 Arc User
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    Umm let me see...

    Perfect World Healer

    Can i do that? O.o
    Ashura Tyrant you foul mouthed little boy! I must keel yew nao =3
  • Descendus - Lost City
    Descendus - Lost City Posts: 338 Arc User
    edited December 2011
    Lol Time to jump on the band wagon. Decisions decisions.....

    "Herald of The Void" - Because of the many times I've been asked to bring a message of death to the enemies of my friends....and some of my own.

    P.S. Frankie, Get a hand changing these titles, otherwise you'll be here till next new years eve changing them. b:chuckleb:thanksb:bye
    (Need better/up-to-date sig)

    Remember my name. For it's the one you will fear in your waking nightmares...
  • Badazmofo - Dreamweaver
    Badazmofo - Dreamweaver Posts: 407 Arc User
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    I would like "Professional Fail Archer"

    A inside joke with some old friends
  • Adromada - Raging Tide
    Adromada - Raging Tide Posts: 141 Arc User
    edited December 2011

    I would like:

    PWI Police Chief.

    Because i believe that there are people on the PVP servers that needs Protection from PWI bully's and we PWI Police can provide them with true PK madness and professional action.

    All for one police for all, Hehe.
    The universe is made of Twelve particles of matter, Four forces of nature, The world is a dynamic mess Of Jiggling things.
  • Bobobejumbo - Raging Tide
    Bobobejumbo - Raging Tide Posts: 934 Arc User
    edited December 2011
    Title: Demon Champion of PanGu

    Reason: I'm of the Demon cultivation, and I defend the lands of PanGu. Simple enough.

    Thanks Frankie
  • Arkymedes - Heavens Tear
    Arkymedes - Heavens Tear Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited December 2011
    can i be Fists of Darkness?? im usin claws but i plan on changin to fists soon b:victory
  • Heimiko - Heavens Tear
    Heimiko - Heavens Tear Posts: 14 Arc User
    edited December 2011
    "I steal your aggro"

    It's true. b:bye
  • TunaMan - Heavens Tear
    TunaMan - Heavens Tear Posts: 56 Arc User
    edited January 2012
    "Everything's Better With Canned Tuna"

    The title itself is enough, no need for a background b:cool
    "One day, you'll log in and you'll be the only one in sight. You'll see a couple of merchants auto-bot-spamming world chat and even then, you'll say "game is still alive and well"." - Michael_Dark, Lost City
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  • Bioturn - Heavens Tear
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    Life Love and Video Games

    All you really need up there.
    WoW has 11 Million people playing. 11 million people also bought the Sega Dreamcast console. Proof that 11 million people can collectively do something stupid.

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  • Chaerene - Raging Tide
    Chaerene - Raging Tide Posts: 10 Arc User
    edited January 2012
    Lazyazz 'because I am lazy until my friends make me do it!' All two of them. b:thanks
  • Kitamura - Lost City
    Kitamura - Lost City Posts: 253 Arc User
    edited January 2012
    Like A Boss

    I don't explain Like A Boss.
    [SIGPIC]100% F2P Assassin[/SIGPIC]
    Overclocked 100% F2P Assassin (1st lvl105 @ 22Nov2010)
  • MeXyCaN - Archosaur
    MeXyCaN - Archosaur Posts: 105 Arc User
    edited January 2012
    Would like to have the title of the following:

    If it can be in two seperate lines centered I prefer this.


    If the above can't be done then i'll settle for the following


    Reason: 145 attack level b:victory
    !!!!MeXy FeVeR!!!!
  • HellsNoir - Sanctuary
    HellsNoir - Sanctuary Posts: 48 Arc User
    edited January 2012
    Demonic Intentions

    Cause Im a demon veno? lol

    It goes with my guild site siggy XD pls?b:surrender
  • Cytte - Harshlands
    Cytte - Harshlands Posts: 1,044 Arc User
    edited January 2012
    Fighting like a kite

    Why? Well I've made many people rage because they couldnt land a hit on me
    I <3 A lot of people
  • SoniMax - Sanctuary
    SoniMax - Sanctuary Posts: 529 Arc User
    edited January 2012
    May i have the title " HATERS GONNA HATE"
    Reason: They are going to hate. b:chuckle b:victory
    They see me trollin`
    They hatin`
    Patrolling they tryin` to catch me writin` dirty
    Tryin to catch me writin` dirty X4
    My music so loud
    I'm flamin`
  • Aneurysmal - Heavens Tear
    Aneurysmal - Heavens Tear Posts: 798 Arc User
    edited January 2012
    Forum Title: I just blew your mind

    Reason: Well, it's the tie between my character and its name.
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  • Merenth - Archosaur
    Merenth - Archosaur Posts: 120 Arc User
    edited January 2012
    I would like my title to be Glass Cannon

    This is a nickname given to me by my friends since my psy hits like a mac truck but can be one shot by almost anything.b:laugh

    The way to gain a good reputation, is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear. - Socrates
  • WorryEasykil - Dreamweaver
    WorryEasykil - Dreamweaver Posts: 179 Arc User
    edited January 2012
    I would like mine to be: Loyalty, Perseverance, Dedication and Fun

    The thought behind it is that I have been in the same faction for nearly three years. I have seen it's ups and it's downs. Currently it is as low as it has ever been, yet I will not leave it. Instead I recruit new players in an effort to rebuild it, often to the detriment of my own playtime. I am not the leader, just a lowly executor doing what I can to keep it together. I would like to think I am a fun guy to talk with as well.
  • CtrlAltElite - Lost City
    CtrlAltElite - Lost City Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited January 2012
    i want my title to be "Guy In Real Life"
    i think it would be funny cause im a guy playing a female toon
  • Angels_Age - Dreamweaver
    Angels_Age - Dreamweaver Posts: 70 Arc User
    edited January 2012
    Can I have "Come at me bro"
  • WarrenWolfy - Sanctuary
    WarrenWolfy - Sanctuary Posts: 1,686 Arc User
    edited January 2012
    I'll gladly accept the title, "Merchant Baron". I think I've probably established enough of a background history to justify it. b:chuckle b:victory
    PWI Merchanting Guides: warrenwolfy.wordpress.com
  • Quizeburio - Raging Tide
    Quizeburio - Raging Tide Posts: 44 Arc User
    edited January 2012
    Could I have the title

    Secret Code

    It's something my brother and I do when I ask or he asks for something we say "secret code" you have to get the code right or don't get the item.
  • Marista - Lost City
    Marista - Lost City Posts: 294 Arc User
    edited January 2012
    Hm... "The Original Sage Veno" if I may? Not 100% accurate, but I'm pretty sure I'm one of the older sage venos on LC, from when everyone was blah blah demon and there was no sudden demand for sage amp....
    So, I heard HA veno is the way to go? :3
  • Titsania - Lost City
    Titsania - Lost City Posts: 47 Arc User
    edited January 2012
    I would like my title to be "Censored" since that's what happened to my name during the chat filter was applied. Got my name fixed but took 3 weeks. LOL
  • Saiikuro - Heavens Tear
    Saiikuro - Heavens Tear Posts: 36 Arc User
    edited January 2012
    Beautiful Night

    Its the name my bf gave me when we first started dating. In 2008 :)
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