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Ok so I'm 49 and I'm following the 3 STR/2 Dex build, and I'm getting plvl by a friend at FC.

So what I want to know it's what gear should I get? Like what gear should I get from 60 to 70, from 70 to 80 and from 80 to 90.

It's pretty confusing o.O

And from 60 to 90 how does a BM, in this case, fist BM get money? (I dont want to waste cash on the game)

I want a kind soul to give me a short guide on what I've just asked kthxbyeb:bye

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    TT armor at 70 and 90. Legendary molds from 50-69 and 71-88 to upgrade in between. If you have extra money TT80 gold (binds), but that doesn't sound like the case.

    And from 60 to 90 how does a BM, in this case, fist BM get money? (I dont want to waste cash on the game)


    They play their class and do quests instead of Pleveling. Some of the best coin is aoe grinding on Nightscream Island for DQs. At 90 you can be the tank for anything below 3-1 with a squad.
    Seven 100+ characters leveled the hard way. Free to play. Mystic, Psychic, and Wizard left to level. b:victory
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    Step 1: Stop plvling. If you have to keep going, stop at 59.

    Step 2: Level your skills.

    Step 3: Go out, and learn to use all of your skills.

    Step 4: Find some friends, and then learn to use all of your skills with a group.

    Step 5: Solo AOE some stuff. Use hypers once you have this mastered.

    Step 6: FF with a group 80+.

    If you find yourself wanting to plvl after 59, refer to step 1, and then go to step 5.

    I cannot stress how skill > level/equip with this class. I'd take a lv95+ TT80 with a decent weapon BM without Demon skills anywhere before Id take a uber geared moron who can't adapt or do anything besides triple spark attack. There are a few skills you really want, like when to HF over Spark, when to do both, when to AOE to catch aggro, when to stun over DD or AOE, how to pull, ranging...

    Gear Wise - you can solo aoe till 90 easily, but FF exp is better than solo aoe after 80. So until 80, don't worry too much about spending a whole lot in gear, you will level fast.

    60: Rank Gear and whatever is decent/cheap and has LOTS OF HP.
    70: TT70 Green, HP Shards and Refine to +3 (+5 if youre rich or find it on the cheap)
    80: TT80 Gold Bracers, TT80 Green or Gold. Mold armor is not as good. Same deal with HP shards and +'s, however +5 has a greater return if you go gold and its worth it over +3.
    90: Lots of options, but mountaincrasher is a good base to work off.

    Misc Gear:
    Warsoul of Earth for Helmet - save for it.
    Before you hit 80 get a wraithgate robe with -int
    Misty rings are kinda sorta optional but have good vit on them.
    Belt and Neck, don't worry about mag resist till you come closer to 90. Pdef is fine, go for high HP values.

    Making Money, quickest from top to bottom:
    Mow lawns and sell gold.
    Merch stuff in catshops.
    Solo AOE and sell DQ items.
    TT Runs.
    Farming mats.

    Above all, don't plvl past 59. You will be like many of the BMs that get blasted in WC, Blacklisted, or just not Friend Listed often (if at all) because you aren't doing the amazing things that other BMs do by learning their class. /
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    well said Maelael. Thing about it is, if you do as suggested even at low level say mid 60's.
    You ll still be more powerful than your contemoraries cos YOU learned your skills.b:laugh
    But you also took the time too learn how to play that little BM which can be awsome fun.

    Last year this time i'd been aoe grinding at sea weed thieves a few days already.
    I think my BM was about 68th level by then. I do know by Christmas she was 72 roughly.

    Dont underestimate the power of a well build BM to make money. Mine made me an estimated 600million in past 12 months, basicly enough for 3 sets of tt99 gear. An she made 1st set before she hit 80. She then made a full set of TT80 gold week we got that suprise x2 cos of the hacks on PW servers. Yes i spent alot of time grinding but i learned what she can take, whats good an whats not. I learned to adapt an i think i turned out to be a fair decent BM that isnt affraid to use the skills the devs gave me. Yes i can spark an spank like the rest of em.
    Good luck with the BM an dont become that which is so rediculed you do yourself an the class an injustice.
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    Only reason I say stop at 59 is because the playstyle of the BM changes at that time - the prior tactics are no longer truly viable. Even Aeolian Blade, which used to be "The Staple" attack kinda goes away cause its too slow.

    It's not like a barb where the 4 skill shuffle is the same thing you've been doing for eons. Barb really changes 80+ when you start pulling FF. Pulling FF as a BM is the same strategies you're doing solo AOE (Group, Stun, blah blah blah).

    And yea, I remember when it was a huge deal when I could go solo aoe for an hour and get 500k-1m in drops and that was amazing. Damn drop in a bucket nowadays :( /