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Soooo sad

Draal - DreamweaverDraal - Dreamweaver Posts: 40 Arc User
edited November 2011 in Tideswell (East)
Ok, proof you can't stack more than 9999 sadness cards :



edit: wait, you can't include images directly ?
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  • ColdAsLife - DreamweaverColdAsLife - Dreamweaver Posts: 432 Arc User
    edited November 2011
    Lol, Draalypoo, hi b:kiss
    ColdAsLife, 90, Proud Sage Archer
    ArchRaziel, 5x, Cleric
    XBushidoX, xbushidox.guildportal.com
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  • Chillum - DreamweaverChillum - Dreamweaver Posts: 887 Arc User
    edited November 2011

    ...and yup, IMG tag has been disabled on a lot of the forum subsections.

    Think it still works in the Screenshot one though.
  • BloodyOne - DreamweaverBloodyOne - Dreamweaver Posts: 88 Arc User
    edited November 2011
    Thats so awesome b:laugh if ur lookin 2 sell those in Bulk Hit me up b:victory
    b:shocked no signature
  • Mitachi - DreamweaverMitachi - Dreamweaver Posts: 1,201 Arc User
    edited November 2011
  • HexOmega - DreamweaverHexOmega - Dreamweaver Posts: 2,342 Arc User
    edited November 2011
    final goal reached

    the work of more than a year
    i like potato
  • Andres - DreamweaverAndres - Dreamweaver Posts: 462 Arc User
    edited November 2011
    Now you should do as we used to and fill someone inbox with them as a mail titled TW pay.

    I did that to Supernova back when it was EQ vs Cala rivalry, he got a GM to give me a warning QQ

    I miss those days sometimes, taunting your rival was fun, not insulting. Supernova took his vengueance later on when I was farming herbs in hell and he dragged like 20 mobs on me and then stole that whole herb patch (the ****) Sure frustrating, but that's why we play the game right? To compete, not to cause grief.

    Damn draal, now you really made me sad, I'm gonna blame you, as always, that never stops making me happy :D
    We came, we saw, we painted it red.
    10/10/10 Calamity
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