Befuddling Creeper...

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I haven't used many of my plants, the most used is my healing herb which i only recently have gotten. So a few moments ago i was killing some wicked pirates and thought "Why not?" so i plopped down a creeper and i was seeing all kinds of debuffs go down. Considering I am still a relatively new player to mystic i would like to ask is this a reliable plant for bosses, etc...?

Thanks in advance b:victory
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  • Longevus - Lothranis
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    yes it is , works very well on mobs and bosses only a few debuffs don't work on bosses like slow.
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    Of the 4 debuffs that the Creeper puts on, three of them work on most bosses. These are pdef reduction, mdef reduction, and attack speed reduction. Most bosses will resist channeling time increases, however. The consistency is hit and miss in that here's no guarantee of which debuff you'll get when, but if no one else in your squad has better debuffs (see my guide for a list of class %s), then it's what yu should be using on most bosses. Herb's healing is pretty forgettable as you get higher lv.
    So, I heard HA veno is the way to go? :3