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Ending game at 90 for archer

TheGuard - Lost CityTheGuard - Lost City Posts: 60 Arc User
edited October 2011 in Archer
Yeah i'm looking for good gear to end game on my archer(TimesEnd who is currently banned or else id be posting on him) but anyway i'm too lazy to level ten extra levels after getting demon skills(dont comment or judge) so i was wondering is there any reccomended gear out there to end with at 90? I'm LA, and currently i have about 110 mil ty in advance
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  • Sarrafeline - SanctuarySarrafeline - Sanctuary Posts: 4,661 Arc User
    edited September 2011
    If you aren't gonna level past 90, then why bother with gear at all?

    1) You aren't gonna be able to do anything for DD compared to anyone 100+
    2) You aren't gonna be able to do Nirvana
    3) You aren't gonna be able to tank anything that 100+ Archers CAN tank
    4) It's fast to get to to 100+ from 90, just do FCC once a day.

    Or are you crying because it's too hard to glitch goons?
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  • ImNotFiveAps - DreamweaverImNotFiveAps - Dreamweaver Posts: 458 Arc User
    edited September 2011
    If you wont be going to 100 just quit. There's nothing a 90+ well geared archer can do that an average geared 100+ archer couldnt do.
  • NiightmareXz - HarshlandsNiightmareXz - Harshlands Posts: 1,569 Arc User
    edited September 2011
    ^ agreed to all that stuff above.
    I've been 90-91 for almost a year now... I can't hardly do anything but I rarely have time to level these days, so I'm kinda stuck going slowly. But if I could level to 100 I totally would. Archers basically suck in their 90's... They get facerolled in PvP because all the other classes shine then and in PvE... lol. You have to be 5aps if you wanna do any PvE these days too, which you need to be 99+ to get. b:surrender
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  • Aeroboi - Heavens TearAeroboi - Heavens Tear Posts: 63 Arc User
    edited September 2011
    Umm theres HS at 95, if you wanna half *** it to 100.
    or you could get FF gold bow 85,
    other then that, nothing else pre99

    Flowing stardust,,,,, lol
  • Sint - HarshlandsSint - Harshlands Posts: 579 Arc User
    edited September 2011

    there you go.

    you can kill r9 achers with this. it are fact.

    you may need to get some more money though.
  • Allynna_ - DreamweaverAllynna_ - Dreamweaver Posts: 254 Arc User
    edited September 2011

    In Theory something like that would be around the top of 90 gear that's still 'reasonably' achievable. Though you might not be able to get the tome or cape + all that gear with only 110mil.

    Better Idea would be something like: http://pwcalc.com/762eb04f63d6b253 and get R8 and push at 100 if you don't care a ton.
  • OIdpop - Heavens TearOIdpop - Heavens Tear Posts: 1,052 Arc User
    edited October 2011
    dunno bout the weak cry baby archers..mine sure doesnt suck..i have no probs.b:bye
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