PWI- Trying to Download, won't start the download...

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I have the game on my computer at home, I'm at a friend's house trying to get PWI to download and after the "Perfect World International is powered by Pando Media Booster" page comes up and I press, "Agree", the load bar will fill a few blocks and say "Error Creating Installation Directory"...

I have no idea what's wrong or what I can do to make it stop, but it's really late here and I've been up for 2 hours trying to get this thing to download...

I have already tried the Support page, there's nothing related that I could find, I checked all tabs and links... Nothing that says anything about this...

I would really love a response with detailed instruction, because I've been talking to my friend about how much fun this game is and I've got him wanting to play really bad[He went through the trouble of asking his Dad for his Laptop]...

Thank you in advance for any reply and I hope and pray there is a easy way to solve this...

And by the way... Please let Seekers use bows... It's so unfair Q~Q LOL
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    Please send in a ticket to Tech Support with the following information so we can try to figure this out for you. We need you to send us some of your computer's information.

    1) What is the make and model number of your computer?

    2) Please also tell us whether you are running a 32bit or 64bit version of Windows. You can find out in Windows by going here: Start > Control Panel > System & Maintenance > System. Then look under System > System Type. It will then display 32bit Operating System or 64bit Operating System. Include that info with the info we ask for below.

    3) To create a dxdiag log, go to Start, click on Run, then type in dxdiag and press Enter. Click on Save All Information as a text file (on your Desktop as an example.
    If you are using Vista or 7, go to the Start Menu, click on the Search menu and type dxdiag.exe.

    4) Attach the dxdiag.txt that you save to your reply to us.

    If you have a 64bit system, please click on the 64bit Dxdiag/DirectX button to save the correct log file.

    This is important so that we can do our best to help you.