Posting Info for Problems With Jones Blessing

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Its Seam Thing Thay Told You About I Cant Choice The Name And Server
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    Sorry, we've asked that all reply to the sticky here: so we can access and sort the data quickly.

    Please understand, the following questions are key to solving this issue of 'why the buff is broken for a small percentage of players.' The only way we're going to solve this issue is to collect data from the players that have the issue.

    1) What web browser are you using? What version?

    2) What plugins and ad blockers are you using for your web browser?

    3) What toolbars do you have installed in your web browser?

    4) What is your screen/desktop resolution?

    5) Are you running your browser in windowed mode or maximized mode?

    6) Are you using a laptop, netbook, tablet, or desktop?

    7) What OS are you using? (Windows 7, Windows Vista, Jedi Mind OS 3)

    8) Please post a screenshot of the error you receive

    Please make sure you post your info in the main sticky: