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Today I just installed PWI on my laptop and started playing
When I transported from Etherblade to Archosaur the game window closed and I had to start again!!

Then when I was grinding the game window closed again. I am afraid I will see my dead body when I log back b:shocked

My laptop has way better specs than what is required to play PWI.
My laptop is new and it has almost 300 GB space.
Windows 7 ultimate. ATI Raedeon 5470 HD 512 mb. core i3. ram 4 gb

I used to play PWI on my desktop which had windows 7,Geforce 8400 512 MB,150GB hard disk, 1 gb ram and pentium 4.

so my question is why is it happening?
I have tried playing with compatibility of windows xp SP 2 but same problem.
Please help.
playing PWI in high graphics was a main reason why i bought laptop and now I cant play it.
Please help me b:cry
I am Kotaxxxx Level 64 Psy :D
Dumped him to play in this seeker... really Pains_A_Lot

My mystic is level 30 yay
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  • SylenThunder - Twilight Temple
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    With that graphics card it's pretty common. Reduce your distance to 3/4 or even down to half. that typically fixes it.

    Also, make sure you have the latest stable Driver direct from the manufacturer, and always select "Clean Install" under advanced options when you install it. (Also run it as administrator)
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    I have lots of problems with teh client closing down, mainly in Archosaur, in air or on ground. I even sent a ticket but there is no solution for me other than quick-changing to the fastest settings (icon in the upper left corner of the screen) before entering the city.

    Luckily I never have any problems elsewhere, only in Archosaur or teleporting from there to Tellus city while in full gfx sttings which I use normally when fighting mobs.

    My computer should not have any problems with these specs:

    Intel I7 920
    Nvidia GTX590 (latest drivers and latest directx drivers)
    Soundblaster XFI Titanium
    12GB RAM
    Game installed om 128GB SSD.

    Actually, this is the only version of PWI i have ever had these problems with or any other of the 10+ online games I have played. I have also other graphically intensive single player games that I can play with no problems.
  • ozimov
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    Have you tried the Verify option in the front end (beginning game launcher - smaller menu) of the game?

    1) First, shut down your PC and wait a few minutes. Then restart your PC.

    2) Start the game, click on the Verify button on the game launcher menu, click on Yes, and let the game verify that your game client's files match the server-side versions of the files. It will also redownload any files that don't match.

    3) This will take some time. Please be patient.

    4) After this process is done, try to get into the game again and see if the same issue(s) occur.

    If this does not help, please open a ticket with us in Tech Support so we may assist you further.

    At your own risk, you can also try disabling/turning off your antivirus/firewall software before starting the game launcher and before running Verify. Once Verify has finished, and you can login and play the game, then turn your AV software back on.
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    this is new issue i have meet...specially on teleport games just close like was never open...sometimes just move ahead it close...b:surrender is not that offen but is annoying
  • Pains_A_Lot - Raging Tide
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    I was playing again after making this forum post.
    and it ran smooth without closing.

    i will verify it today.
    thanks :)

    BTW new smileys are good ^_^ thanks pwi b:scorn
    I am Kotaxxxx Level 64 Psy :D
    Dumped him to play in this seeker... really Pains_A_Lot

    My mystic is level 30 yay