Haveing this wierd problem...

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Well i haven't been playing PWI for almost 2 years now. As i downloaded the new client yesterday and created the first char of my, I couldn't see anything (Hp, Mp, Exp bar-all empty, no character statistics from equipt), neither the Hp bar of other players. At first i thought it was just a weerd failure, couse i created a second character and there i could see everything just fine. But as it seem that one is the only one that realy works, couse all the others are blank... Now i would like to hear some advice, what the source of this could be?


See what i mean b:sad
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    Have you tried the Verify option in the front end (beginning game launcher - smaller menu) of the game?

    1) First, shut down your PC and wait a few minutes. Then restart your PC.

    2) Start the game, click on the Verify button on the game launcher menu, click on Yes, and let the game verify that your game client's files match the server-side versions of the files. It will also redownload any files that don't match.

    3) This will take some time. Please be patient.

    4) After this process is done, try to get into the game again and see if the same issue(s) occur.

    If this does not help, you may need to uninstall, and then re-install and freshly patch the game.

    At your own risk, you can also try disabling/turning off your antivirus/firewall software before starting the game launcher and before running Verify. Once Verify has finished, and you can login and play the game, then turn your AV software back on.