i got a few problems, if someone could help that would be GREAT!

Katee - Lost City
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problem # 1
when i press the start button to play the game, a window pops up and says just a bunch of giberish that i can not read... than it just closes everything.

Problem # 2
problem number 1 just recently starting happening, but before i could get as far as creating part of my character than my whole computor would just restart... ugg soo frustrating..b:angry

Do i absolutly neeeed a graphics card for perfect world? if so what would be a good and cheap one that i can get??
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  • ozimov
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    You may just need to update your graphics card driver. If you send me your dxdiag via our ticketing system I can give you a better idea of what we need to do to get you back in game.

    support.perfectworld.com/support -> request support -> technical support -> ask for Ozimov