I REALLY need help.

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I played perfect world a couple months ago but stopped, I don't know if I uninstalled it or not. It is still in my All Programs list in the start menu, but it isn't in my Control Panel's Uninstall/Repair a program. I am currently trying to download another pwi, but it is taking forever.. And everytime I try to run Perfect World (the already installed one), it says I have to update it, with either Patch 1 or Patch 2. I got confused at this point.

Whenever I try to update it, it would just stop and say error. Then when I cancel the update, I am able to click Start, but then it just stops working and the update window pops up again. I don't know what to do! Help?
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    Are you able to run verify from the launcher menu?
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    PWI never installs itself in the control panel's programs list. it doesn't dig itself even that deeply into your system; it's very low-impact, as windows programs go.

    if the automatic update doesn't work, then your copy is probably too old for the update servers to be able to catch you back up, and you should download a new copy. yes, i know it takes forever; that's just the way of huge, multi-gigabyte downloads.

    you might want to uninstall your existing copy (seeing as you'll have to replace it anyway, before you'll be able to play). somewhere --- hopefully in your "all programs" menu --- there should be an "uninstall PWI" program that'll do it for you.

    if you can't find the uninstaller in all programs, run a "search for files or folders" and look for "elementclient.exe". that's the game client which you can't run, but finding it on your harddisk will tell you where it's been installed; looking around near it (file folder-wise "nearby", i mean) should find you the uninstaller.
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