Is it actually worth to get demon Flesh Ream?

HardnHeavy - Raging Tide
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Is there any big difference or is it usefull in any situations?
Strange question but today I better ask for opinion before I get something that will be useless in the end.
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  • IBaMBii - Heavens Tear
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    when i was still tank build, i ended up making my flesh ream, so it was only 4.5mil for me.. so i decided to learn it.. when i was tank build i used it alot to try to keep aggro, and it did work but today since im claw, i never use it.
    im not saying its a waste, but with all the aps players, the 2.5 cool down isnt much, you wont be able to keep aggro either way.
    so its your call.
  • Neurot - Sanctuary
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    Depends on how you play and who you play with. I have a regular group and kept losing aggro to an 80something assassin unless I spammed FR. With demon FR, I have no problem now and don't have to spam it. Of course, when he gets higher and gets APS gear, I'm sure that will go out the window. But for the minimal investment, it has made our group much easier for now. I definitely notice an increase in aggro.
  • JanusZeal - Heavens Tear
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    Yes. There are quite a number of APS people out there, but there are a few occasions where you can outream your DD'ers.

    Also, let me give you a scenario:

    You're doing wave 3 or 6-9 of RB delta, and need to pull a BB-dropping boss (wave 6+ wave marshal's) or highly damaging boss (the case of wave 3), you ream the **** out of the boss to pull away. It may not work every time, but having a faster ream is inherently good when the option of sensibly using ream is there.
  • ItsAWolf - Archosaur
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    If you use ream, then it is worth it. (if you don't obviously not). The increased cooldown should help I suppose.

    I got my demon flesh ream while still tank build and lost aggro to a lvl 8x psychic even though i spammed it every cool down (i did have enough sparks to begin with), so it not THE answer to losing aggro, but I'm sure it can make the difference in some situations.
  • HardnHeavy - Raging Tide
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    Later I'll use it less I guess but **** it, I'm a barb and I bought it lol
  • Rawrgh - Raging Tide
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    I wouldn't pay more than 1-2mil for it. Only time I use it anymore is in combination with roar to steal mobs in CoA.
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