Frozen character Glitch/Dissapearing character

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When I pressed "login", And I came to the character screen, My character wasnt there. So, I made a new one. When I pressed play, The screen froze. I came back after 20 minutes and it was still frozen. I restarted the computer, and put the graphics on "Optimize". I tried it again, and I only had the new character. I restarted again, and moved all the sliders to the lowest point. I logged in, and I had my old character back, and my new one disappeared. I pressed the "Play" Button at the bottom and the screen froze. This has never happened before, for I already had a used character. I Started yesterday, by the way.
I re-logged AGAIN, and The same thing happened to me. (I re-booted the computer each re-log)
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    I can see you have multiple characters on different servers epic. Make sure you're logging in on the right server. None of your characters have been deleted. If you need further assistance with finding your characters then feel free to PM me so I can tell you which characters are on which servers.

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    b:chuckle Sorry about that. I deleted the characters I used on different servers. But When I click "Play", My character still freezes up. I had to reboot my computer once or twice for it to load my character.