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I don't really think this affects players who play full screen, but I think it would help those who play windowed. Players like myself, hence the suggestion.

I suggest that our client doesn't freeze when it becomes an inactive window. That way when I multi-client, I don't have to click back and forth between my windows to see what's going on with them. It would increase productivity for myself, as I'm sure it will others, and I can multitask much more conveniently. What would be even better, is if you could make it an option in settings. So if you wanted your client to freeze when it became inactive, you could choose that (some might complain that it would increase lag. But if you have a good computer, with a good internet connection, you probably wouldn't notice that unless it was a drastic increase).

I know its possible to do, because a few of the private servers I've been to have this feature. And I thought it was GREAT. Please take this suggestion into consideration.
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    omg +1 to this. I hate it that one of my clients freezes when I click to the other one.
    I sometimes keep the windows next to each other due to healing + tanking. It's pretty annoying to have to click back and forth to see what's going on indeed D:
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