1st Time FB19 :)

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Hey guys, I'm kinda new to this game, but Ima try to solo Untamed FB19 :)

Do you guys have any tips / advice before I go? I've never done a FB19 or any of that sort before xD

I'm a lvl 31 veno, and my Glacial Walker is 31, but that's the only pet I have o.o...

Please and thank you :D
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  • LongWushi - Heavens Tear
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    You will likely have to kill the mobs there one at a time. When you get to the boss you won't have to clear the room if you pull the boss out. The boss is the only thing I foresee any trouble. You will probably have to spam heal and stand way back... that way if your pet dies you've got some room to run a bit.
  • Vitenka - Dreamweaver
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    Depending on your level, you also probably won't be able to do it with just spam healing.

    But providing you pet can survive at least one hit, you can do it - put the pet on manual rather than auto, and hit the 'follow me' button, get some distance, heal your pet, send it back in.

    Razojaw hits hard for his level, but runs slow.