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Hi all

I am almost a newbie, I have played this game last year for some weeks when I built a lvl 37 cleric then I had to stop playing for a while.

I have now reentered PWI and I am trying to rebuild my old PC, this time I want to follow some character creation guides but I am not really satisfied with how should I allocate level points into my character stats:

I have read that there are basically 3 ways of building a cleric:

1) Full-magic:

Every 2 lvls putting 9 points into magic and 1 into strength

2) light-armored:

Every 2 lvls putting 6 points into magic, 2 into strength and 2 into dexterity

3) hybrid:

Every 2 lvls putting 6 points into magic, 1 into strength and 3 points at will (preferably 1 or 2 into vitality)

The first time I played PWI, without following any guide, I allocated my points in this way:

every 2 lvls I put 5 points into magic, 2 into strength, 2 into dexterity and 1 into vitality

it worked just fine: I had enough mana to cast all of my spells, enough strength and dexterity to wear light armor and a little boost into vitality that was good enough to avoid dying so often while playing solo.

I could not find any drawback about my choice but it may be because I only achieved lvl 37, maybe at higher levels I would have had some mana problems or maybe the little boost of vitality at higher levels would not be so effective so I could just avoid wasting my points into something that is not really useful

As I am no expert could anybody estimate for me which kind of drawbacks I would probably find following my own allocation point instead of one of the 3 basic building suggestions that I mentioned early in this post?
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    I prefer wearing arcane and most of my magic classes are arcane wearers. The only drawback I can see is that you'll nerf your magic damage potential rather significantly. 1. You put your points in DEX for LA and that's really fine if that's what you want, but 2. you also put points in VIT. I have a VIT/AA build and most people don't like that build too much because the VIT takes away from the magic damage. Your magic damage relates to how well you can heal in a squad environment which because vitally important in just a few levels (L40 you start getting BHs - bounty hunters).

    Your full magic clerics tend to be really squishy. One good hit can usually take them out. Personally, I've never seen a successful "pure" build for anything in the game. If you plan on getting into a good faction later on that does TW they generally have an HP requisite for clerics (5k-6k+ unbuffed and buffed).

    The hybrid build tends to be the most popular, in my experience. Everyone sets their own cap. Mine started out at 50 VIT, then 70 VIT and now I have it capped at 80 VIT. Some clerics have a lot more than that and some do equally well with something like 30 VIT. So it's up to you how much VIT you really want. It does draw away from your magic damage, but for the most part it's the build I prefer with my characters.

    Regardless of whichever build you go for you will have to either buy some very good gear or make some very good gear with refines and shards to compensate one way or the other. For the pure build you'll need good refines and sharding to compensate for your low physical defense and low HP. For the "hybrid" and LA builds you'll need good refines on your weapon to compensate for your lower magic attack. Generally, on your armors you'll want good refines and shards anyway because it will add to your HP/p.def. Having a good or high refine on your weapon isn't entirely necessary but it does help (makes your m.atk higher = better damage, better heals).
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    DEX doesn't serve clerics much so I never add any.

    STR only as much as I need to wear the next round of equipments. Check those STR requirement early to determine how many points to use there.

    VIT adds hp, and Phy. Def., but only 2 every... a few points of VIT. There's an online calculator, use it to test and see if you want the Phy.Def. it offers. More hp is good for survival, and you can add VIT to get that, or make a lot of coins to buy hp gems or Dragon Orbs.

    Personally I use full MAG with only STR for equipment... and I spent around 6 months not leveling and grinding/farming/marketing to make coins for hp gems and dragon orbs and a tome to make up for that short red hp bar. I can't tell you how well this will work because I'm not to the level where any of this will come into advantage yet, if they ever do. I CAN tell you full MAG has highest skill out put (damage/heal), so mobs die in 2, 3 shots, and if they don't, my self-heal is high enough to keep me going until they do. ... or running away.
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    I will try my way and tell you what happens, but thank you very much guys, you gave me very useful pieces of information!