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Powerlevel for millions of coins; hot or not?



  • KittyTaco - Lost CityKittyTaco - Lost City Posts: 295 Arc User
    edited March 2011
    I'm one of the few that actually enjoys the low and mid game quests and stuff aren't I :P

    although a lot of the time I wish I was just a high level and whatnot...
    but I still enjoy the lower stuff :P
  • Bellarie - Raging TideBellarie - Raging Tide Posts: 603 Arc User
    edited March 2011
    I think if one is serious about playing the class, and learning it properly, why not? I made a BM and got him to 60 doing quests and normal lvling on the Archosaur server before I moved to RT, and honestly, I will be powerleveling him to 60 as I really don't want to do the Orchid Temple/Shining Tidewood and Old King Hill/Tusk Town quests again. Of course, I will be getting him to lvl 20 first, since it's quick and easy, and why not?
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