Question about TT99 Set Bonus

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Is it possible to receive the APS Bonus when you only own an armor piece combined with an ornament piece (i.e. Leggings + Belt) or do you need either two ornaments / two armors?
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    bonus = pieces.

    So yes you can have bonus with only armor + ornament
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    The setups for getting both of the Lionheart and Ashura's setup bonus are kinda fixed, though, due to the amount of pieces already taken by other -interval stuffs.

    For Assassin and Archer, they can only really use the Necklace, Belt, Wristguard and Boots slot, as everything else is taken by something with -interval already. From there, Assassins and Archers are mostly Light Armor, so you're only left with Ashura's for Wristguard and Boots, with Lionheart going to Ornaments.

    For BMs/Barbs, they can use the Chest, Necklace, Belt, Wristguard and Boots. Most players value their armor so much that they'll go with Lionheart for Chest, Wristguard and Boots, with Ashura's for Ornaments. Some mix it up by getting Ashura's Wristguards and either Necklace or Belt, since the Ashura Ornaments are really bad.

    The reason people go for these two is that 2 pieces from Lionheart gives you -0.05 as a bonus and 2 pieces from Ashura's gives you -0.05 as a bonus.
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    okay thats nice because the TT99 necklace is pretty bad for barbs, but the belt is decent imo. So i can get the bonus through my lionheart leggings (which i have already) and the lionheart belt which will be farmed recently.

    I could also just use TT99 wrists but i prefer Lunar wrists cuz of the attributes! so is the plate...
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    As long as you have 2/4/6 pieces of the same set, you'll get the bonus(es).
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