TW Rules question.

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Is it a violation of the rules if two factions merge less than a week before TW just for the sole purpose of rigging the TW against another faction and conspiring with other high level factions? I believe it is but the ToS is a little murky on this. Official explanation along with a yes or no would be very helpful. To prevent this from being closed I will not mention names, but I think we all know which factions are involved...
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    I Realy Get Mad Because My Lvl 7-16arrows ,bolts,and Shot When Im Lvl10 With A Lvl8 Bow !?!?!

    This has nothing to do with the topic, and i'm not sure what you are saying? o.O
    Also on an added note one of the factions in question does not show up on core connect for Dreamweaver and they clearly do exist, are they also hacking the web system of PWI?
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    No, sadly half the damn factions don't show up on Core Connect, including my own (well at least it's not updated).

    And no, merging shouldn't be against any TW rules, it's a way for smaller factions to join together and become stronger.

    Only way I would see it being shady is if both owned lands right next to each other.

    In essence, faction merging is no different than someone leaving one faction and joining another, it's just more people.
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    The best rule against this is the one that says you need to have 100 hours to be able to enter the TW map.

    If you "merge" with another faction to take a land, and then the next week "go back" to your old faction, so it's their turn to take land. You wont be able to defend the first land you took. Ultimely, you'll be swapping lands back and forth between 3 factions until a bigger faction comes in and wipes the 3 of you of that area.

    With the map currently as it is, I'd look for areas with less strong factions and have fun. Not to be the party pooper, but as you can see, the trend is that all the big factions will wipe off the map the smaller ones before clashing between each other.
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    Why are you guys trying to put so much rules on war? It's a war, not a duel.
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    ask gms they have all those strange rules about TW

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    There needs to be some clarification here. First of all the original poster made up the scenario and has some unfounded obsession with himself. He is convinced that everyone Fac is out to get him...hmmm isn't that TW is all about? Two facs merging or three Facs merging is perfectly ok as it happens all the time. What will he want next? Once you join a Fac you can never leave it? took this gripe of yours on WC for hours and hours and for what?? What is your purpose? What do you expect to gain? You want a free pass? Nobody touch your land? Grow up and don't let this GAME or the little pixels running around cause you to be placed in confinement someplace.

    Most of all..don't make up some **** and post it here expecting everyone to support your BS. Not a single thing you said on your original post is true...then you pull this " I'm not gonna mention the Facs involved" you are an idiot. We said it on WC for all of Dreamweaver to hear. We did nothing wrong and you need to quit QQing and grow a set.