a text on how much vit i can get with OHT

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ok i am curius ok so i am dex build 3 base vit barb and lv99 to i love OHT so i was wondering how or what would the best stats on OHT gear look like if i was extreamly lucky when made.
purely vit cos i really really need vit and i am hoping 2 max my vitality with gear so how close would i get with like best vit stats on gear and vit stone all 4 socket con someone try it out for me and show me.
i wana see if i can possible max my vit so if anybody is bored and can try making a simulator with OHT vit gearb:surrender
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    Check the database for possible stats. For example:


    On the right side you can see all the possible add-ons for the piece.

    Hope this helps ^^.
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