are barbs good pvpers

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barbs good at pvp at all? what are their weakness and such.
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    Well it depends lol :P PVP win and lose dependents on ur skill with ur char most of the time and ur gear of course. b:laugh but on avg high lvl barbs r pretty good at pvp espicaly in they restat and get high refines on gear.

    I know barbs who have 200 dex 300 strength and got HP of 16k to 18 k in human form through refines and shards. alot of ppl migh disagree with me but the 200 dex give barbs a huge advantage against sins and archer cause with bloodbath and accuracy ring u have abt 7 to 8k + accuracy and donot forget the crits too.

    in pvp most barbs main weapon in Armageddon unless u got claw. So u do the math abt wat happens when a barb with abt 16k hp, 8k accuracy and abt 20% crit does a penetrate armor+ tangling mire+ armab:victory

    ppl say demon is better than sage for pvp but i would disagree because it totally depends on experience, pvp pots and charm, the money u spend on the game and a lil bit of skill (lil bit was added casue when ur a 5.0 barb, archer, bm or sin skill has very lil to do with where u win in 1 vs 1 )b:surrender

    So the answer to ur question is Yes if ur willing to spend money on the game hhehe

    as for weakness mostly magic but this problem can be solved by highly refined cube elemental necklace and belt or TT 90 gold elemental necklace and belt

    but weakness is definitely magic, once the charm ticks u did say got all out with the magic to beat the barbs, lol even bms resort to magic to beat barb but using hf+ bramble rage once the barbs charm ticks unless they r 5.0 hehe. but all these can be avoided but using tw/ pvp pots and sparking at the right time or invoke ehe

    So the actual weakness really is the player, his knowledge, his gear and what kinds pots he got at his disposal to stay alive

    hope it helps
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    Alright thanks bro this really helpedb:victory
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    Barbs are very nice in PvP. We can nuke things pretty much with some well-refined gears and such.
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    Same Level, same refinement/shards:

    Good against Sins, Archers, Clerics, Psys.

    Worse against Wizards, BMs and Venos.
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    I've heard of stories of a famous barb (28-30k) (HT) get ***** through invoke by a sin. Best over all PVP class = Sin
    Barbs have extremely low magic res and if your gear isn't that great (you didn't max a mastercard) you won't be able to stand up to 5aps either. All depends on what your intentions are and how much you are willing to spend.

    That being said, typically a "normal" geared barb vs other "normal" geared classes are pretty much unable to be killed by and single class except wizards.

    "Normal" Gear for a barb:
    Full TT90 (lvls 90 to 100+) +3-5 with flawless to immaculate hp shards.
    GXs or TT90 Green Axes + 3-5 with flawless - perfect amber/garnet shards.

    typical build for a "normal" barb is 180-200 vit 272-290 str mag 3-5 dex 60-80
    Buffed HP: Human - 9-13k Tiger - 12-15k
    Buffed Attack: between 3-7k

    Phyiscal Res: 7-10k
    Magic Res: 2-3k

    With Zerk axes you'll be able to acquired 60-120k zerk (+crit) Armageddons (PVE)
    500-40k PVP (depending on other class and gear)

    Average Accuracy: 920-1200 (without BB)
    Crit: 4-8%
    Now those are your typical figures -- ^

    Myself (old build before I quit last time):
    299 Vit, 272 Str, 3 Mag, 60 dex (all green)
    Buffed - 18k-22k
    Zerk Arma PVP 1200-40k PVE 40-297k
    Phys def: 8/10k
    Magic def: 3.2k
    Crit (without skill) 8%
    Accuracy: 1100

    You'll have one advantage over any other class, even if your not a cash shopper:
    Massive Range Physical Damage AOE (Armageddon)

    Normal or Average Build:
    Mild Cash Shopper (over time) Tank Build:
    Fist/Claw Insane Cash Shopper Build:
    It's a game and I'm proud to be a stupid fail demon barb!
    My EPIC Fail Demon Barb has 40k/48k HP and my stat points are as follows:
    VIT 552 STR 310 DEX 60! b:surrender
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    PvP idk,

    duels? YES
    Killing level 80's with a lvl 60 is a lot more fun than killing level 90's with a level 100.
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    Master the art of the from-the-air ninja arma and there will be many lolz to be had b:laugh
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    2 words as a reply to the title:
    Hell Yes.
    -we eat ALL melee classes(with heavy armour)
    -and if ur ready to go liht armour barbs balance out pretty well against all classes

    The basic reason why we rock at pvp is our unending hp....

    (*note: if ur goin light armour, i suggest fist/claws.... amazing crit rate and u wont miss that much agains sins and fist bm either... also u eat casters)
    -yes if a barb is rich, he can hit 5aps...(which is pretty awesome)
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    ^(of course fist barb also has huge disadvantages cuz u cant use skills....or mastery which basically sux)