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nebixdnebixd Posts: 0 Arc User
edited September 2010 in Venomancer
Hey all, I was wondering if it's rlly important for an arcane veno to have some points in vit or if it's possible to be completey full arcane. I would like to hear ur thoughts on this, pvp and pve wise. Assuming that it's important for me to raise my vit, how many points should I drop on it?
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  • Nakiwarai - Heavens TearNakiwarai - Heavens Tear Posts: 8 Arc User
    edited September 2010
    Imagine this thing - you're the only veno at the bh, no herc, no zeal genies [or it's just the people who don't want to waste their stamina, I don't blame them]. You send your pet, let it hit once, stow it, summon aga-- waitlolwut? The boss one shotted you <v<;;

    [And that's before you have your Bramblehood skill]

    If you really want a full-arcane build [which, IMO is one of the best] try buying as many as possible +VIT[or HP, almost, ALMOST, the same thing] gear, or filling your sockets with HP stones. Trust me, they're ****-savers.

    For the PvP question - same thing. Even if you're rich enough to buy a nix, you'll need time to kill other people. Also remember, that real players are not like mobs - most of the time they won't attack your nix[or other pet] but you.
  • MANray_ - SanctuaryMANray_ - Sanctuary Posts: 2,311 Arc User
    edited September 2010
    Full vit (6 mag, 3 vit, 1 str) is always a good option, although usually recommended for PvP servers. Unless you plan on using this build endgame, i would not recommend such a heavy comitment for PvE however. The reason is it will significantly impact your damage/pet heal which are not only an Arcane veno's main advantage, but will affect your leveling speed through low-mid levels. 1 or 2 vit every two levels (perhaps capping at 50-75) should be more than enough to provide you with sufficient hp you'll have a good safety margin. Full vit's main advantage is it will make for better budget builds at 90+, although it really is not that difficult to restat at that level range so i mostly recommend you stat as much vit (within keeping 6 mag, 1 str) as you feel apropiate for your playing style.

    Also remember sharding and refining your gear you should only do later in the game, 7x at the earliest, since you'll likely won't get your investment's worth because of the leveling rate and it really isn't that necessary through the early game. Other than shards you get as quest rewards or the ocassional already sharded/refined bargain i would recommend not to bother much until 8x, and even then to save as much as you can for your 9x gear.
  • Kieran - DreamweaverKieran - Dreamweaver Posts: 53 Arc User
    edited September 2010
    << Vit / Arcane veno - min str, 53 vit (easy restat to 3 later) rest mag (PvE-only)

    I found that having at least some vit past lvl 70 helped me survive a lot better (...prior to that I was LA build so I can't really comment on the early levels as far as vit/arcane goes). The way i see things the 53 vit makes it a lot cheaper to get decent HP wihtout refining your early lvl armors past +2/+3. At the smae time 53 vit can be easily restated later for a small cost of a single 50 point restat scroll. the amount of coins saved on not having to refine alot / get high-grade citrines more than makes up for the restat scroll later. I'm planning to get rid of my vit once I get 1-2 pieces of my tt99 armor and refine them a bit.

  • Brael - DreamweaverBrael - Dreamweaver Posts: 1,430 Arc User
    edited September 2010
    I'm pure arcane (well close, I screwed up on a couple points) and I use garnets for shards. HP is overrated for a class that's not taking many hits.

    The only things you really want to make sure of are that by the time you start doing fc runs you buff to over 5k with a barb (you'll probably need some citrines for that unless you refine an ence's scar and dancing sparkle like me) as you need atleast 5k to survive the ae on the 6th boss. Other than that you don't really run into any survival issues at all. What few you do run into, hp potions will help with significantly.

    As for why you might want to go pure arcane, there's a few bonuses. It's a lot cheaper to use soul transfusion, you take less damage/sec because of higher resistances (makes potions more effective), and you kill a lot faster. The one downside you run into is that it's a bad pvp build so you'll really only excel in pve which is kind of the opposite of a vit arcane build which is in my opinion the worst pve build for venos but is fairly solid in pvp.
    the amount of coins saved on not having to refine alot / get high-grade citrines more than makes up for the restat scroll later.

    Except you spend more on repairs while also killing slower. Over time that adds up to a lot of lost coin, more than the citrines and refines cost really.
  • Vitenka - DreamweaverVitenka - Dreamweaver Posts: 4,125 Arc User
    edited September 2010
    On the flip side - your damage-per-spell, even as pure acrane - isn't really all that great, and your weaponry has a very great effect on it compared to your magic stat.

    A few points of vit here and there don't harm your damage that much.

    I don't recommend full-vit at all, but a 1-1-8 split can work out nicely.

    And it does help your survivability a bit. counterintuitively, it's actually more important if you use charms, since you don't want trashmobs knocking you below 50% health.
    And flipping again - if you use transfuse a lot then you generally want to have a low max-health so that smaller potions will refill you.

    Pays your money and takes your choice. Both options work.
  • Brael - DreamweaverBrael - Dreamweaver Posts: 1,430 Arc User
    edited September 2010
    That's one point I'll readily concede. If you're pure arcane, either learn to get by without hp charms or be prepared for a ridiculous number of ticks.

    As for damage per spell, that's a matter of perspective I suppose. Mine is pretty damn nice, I can nuke ? bosses for 50k, I can occasionally land 200k nukes on BH bosses (about as often as a 50k on a ? boss obviously), I can (just barely) 1 shot earth mobs in maps 2/3 with my nukes or 2 shot the rest. Our nukes aren't on par with a 5 aps character but they're really not that bad. I find myself regularly outdamaging wizards and clerics with equal/better weapons when comparing nukes only despite them having the better spells. The reason is because our nuking power is actually fairly close to the better classes. The spells themselves don't hit as hard, but we land more which makes up for it. The area where we really lack compared to other casters is in our ability to hit several mobs at once. In single target it's actually quite close.
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