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2 Times same skill for pet works with different CD?

Edyn - DreamweaverEdyn - Dreamweaver Posts: 317 Arc User
edited September 2010 in Venomancer
Hey all,

Was just wondering if it is possible to add like a second Bashskill to your pet. Been thinking about adding it to my scorp but im afraid that both skills will have same cooldown when you use 1 of them...And besides F.R. idk what other skills would be good to putt on it.
Not like it costs a fortune to buy the book but trying not be carefull with my coins^^

Any1 ever tried or hear about it?

Ty in advance :)
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Ty Silvychar b:thanks


  • Kieran - DreamweaverKieran - Dreamweaver Posts: 53 Arc User
    edited September 2010
    I have icicle (original skill) and bash (added later) on my walker...they do not share cooldown so you can use both indepently (each has it's own 8 sec cooldonw after use ofc)
  • Edyn - DreamweaverEdyn - Dreamweaver Posts: 317 Arc User
    edited September 2010
    I know what you mean but thats not what i meant. I mean when you like would add another Bashskill to your pet:
    Bash, Bash, Iccycle for exemple

    WHen you use the first Bash, then Iccycle, (those 2 in Cooldown) can you use the other Bashskill or is it under cooldown from using the first one.

    Liking this skill alot and does more damage then letting the pet attack without skills.

    The reason why im afraid they will have same cooldown is cause like when you use Apothecary meds for exemple (the manufactured ones) also are all under same cooldown, even if you use only one.
    Ty Silvychar b:thanks
  • Zoe - Heavens Tear Zoe - Heavens Tear Posts: 3,814 Arc User
    edited September 2010
    2 bash skills would share the same cooldown.
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  • Edyn - DreamweaverEdyn - Dreamweaver Posts: 317 Arc User
    edited September 2010
    Ok tyvm :)
    Ty Silvychar b:thanks
  • Brael - DreamweaverBrael - Dreamweaver Posts: 1,430 Arc User
    edited September 2010
    You can only use 1 "bash". If you want to add another skill go with an elemental bash. Because of the time taken to deal the damage, the cooldown, and the bug that makes it take level based damage reduction, flesh ream is very bad in PvE. My suggestion for an extra skill would be toxic mist. The reason for this skill over the others such as icicle, fireball, and so on is because the damage checks against wood resist just like your nukes. The reason this is relevant is because it will do more damage (aggro) to earth mobs just like your nukes will, and less damage/aggro against wood mobs, just like your nukes will. Which means it can somewhat scale to your nuking power and it can be the difference between holding and not holding aggro off of you against earth mobs.

    This assumes you actually solo a bit though, if you're mainly fighting in squads you can either take any, or take one that's geared to whatever dd's you're usually grouped with. Icicle is a good one if you're with a lot of wizards.
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