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Sage or Demon for me?

Thirteenth - Raging TideThirteenth - Raging Tide Posts: 25 Arc User
edited September 2010 in Venomancer
I plan to use my current build, which is AA/Vit, untill 100 at which time i ill switch to HA. I plan to do TW and of course pk on the side, so give your opinions on which path i should take.
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  • Desdi - SanctuaryDesdi - Sanctuary Posts: 8,680 Arc User
    edited September 2010
    You've probably heard it over and over again but the path you will choose depends on your playstyle. However, I can give you a few hints about what each side has to offer.

    First of all both are equal. Both have their good and bad skills. There's no such thing as "sage is for fox venos" or "demon is for arcane". The way I see the two paths according to their skills is that Sage is quite like a defensive type while the Demon is quite like an offensive type.

    Sage skills will offer you the 100% chance to hit, which means it will offer you sure hits (something that might make you feel safer). For example, Ironwood Scarab always hits, Leech always steals HP etc.
    Demon skills are more of a "chance to hit, chance to miss" upon hitting however they will cause more trouble to the opponent. For example, Ironwood Scarab has only 20% chance of hitting but upon success it decreases the target's physical defence by 100%, Leach has the standard 80% chance to steal HP but upon success steals more than the Sage one etc.
    Of course this doesn't mean all of the Demon skills are "chance to hit, chance to miss" but it's that style which is exactly why I , personally, chose it. I really love debuffs and risky skills that might either save you or kill you.

    I can only suggest that you visit ecatomb.net and read the Sage and Demon skill descriptions in order to compare and decide which one suits you the best.
    There is also Desiree's PvP guide which also contains information about the Venomancer skills including Sage/Demon versions as well as personal experience with them (which will also help you in your TWs)
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  • BryFoo - Raging TideBryFoo - Raging Tide Posts: 129 Arc User
    edited September 2010
    Arcane Veno

    I do agree with Desdi's reply though....it's all about your playstyle.
    A good friend did say that Sage is boring compared to Demon o.O
  • Regenbogen - Lost CityRegenbogen - Lost City Posts: 1,559 Arc User
    edited September 2010
    <-sage arcane/vit build

    from my experience:

    demon skills are cheaper and easier to get...b:surrender
    i am waiting for you my little flagcarriers b:kiss
  • Brael - DreamweaverBrael - Dreamweaver Posts: 1,430 Arc User
    edited September 2010
    They're about equal. If you get indepth enough, it's likely one of them slightly edges out the other, but so far no one has proven it one way or the other, which means regardless of the outcome they're really close.

    My advice would be to do one of two things.
    1. See how the market is on your server and go with the choice that has more skills available. (this assumes you don't plan to get every skill, but instead only buy the good ones)
    2. Read up on what the skills do and pick the one that sounds more fun to you.
  • Solandri - Heavens TearSolandri - Heavens Tear Posts: 2,843 Arc User
    edited September 2010
    3. Level up two venomancers, make one demon, one sage. b:chuckle
  • Kieran - DreamweaverKieran - Dreamweaver Posts: 53 Arc User
    edited September 2010
    << Sage arcane / vit

    Went sage and i'm pretty happy with it - my main reasons were:
    - extra chi vs what demon gets (sage skill + extra chi from venom scarab etc.)
    - sage Soul Degen (sharptooth-like -max HP effect)

    I'm not planing to go HA even at 100 so that was never my consideration. I do not PvP at all either so I didn't consider PvP when making my choice...Guessing if you go HA / melee you might want to look at demon spark vs sage for one thing...either way if worse comes ot worse you can now switch later (at substatial cost...but the option is there)
  • GuinevirX - Heavens TearGuinevirX - Heavens Tear Posts: 149 Arc User
    edited September 2010
    Desdi's 1st post is right , i just need to add 1 thing

    Be sure that u'll be able to buy/find/make the books u'll need.
    A lot of people choose path according to specific skills but end up not being able to buy them because 1)either they dont wish to pay millions 2) they dont wish to cash shop or spend Days in this game

    That doesnt mean that Books are hard to gain , no i only speak for venos that decided their path according to certain skills so checking is always wise.

    Of course , if u plan to stick to this game for long , that won't really bother ya
    Proud Male Venomancer <
    It's a game ...................... Face it b:laughb:laughb:laugh
  • Alphae - Lost CityAlphae - Lost City Posts: 1,512 Arc User
    edited September 2010
    I am a vit arcane build and I went demon to make myself more useful in squads, mainly for amp on nova (b:dirty), 75% reflect, a pdef debuff that is better than everyone else's (you'll never overwrite with one worse than a cleric or barb's, it will always be better than the pdef buff on the mob at the time), as well as cooldowns on metabolic boost, nature's grace, and noxious gas. I also enjoy the debuff on venomous scarab.

    There are some serious benefits to sage though, like soul degen, chi regen skills, and more wood dmg from masteries (better imo than crit but there it is). Also sage purge is aoe and really useful in tw.

    But yeah, basically boils down to playstyle.
  • Dandelyn - Heavens TearDandelyn - Heavens Tear Posts: 195 Arc User
    edited September 2010
    I'll throw in my two cents, another bid for Demon please:

    Demon Fox Form = Catch me if you can
    Demon Parasitic Nova = Uber Delicious Weapon of Mass Destruction

    And of course the two skills that give the most chi become slightly more spammable:

    Lucky Scarab = I'll stun you now and again in 3 seconds.
    Noxious Gas = Pure AOE Bliss.

    And last but not least, the one and only demon skill I have yet to obtain:

    Summer Sprint = Unfreakingstoppable Self Purify, Who's Your Daddy Now?

  • Brael - DreamweaverBrael - Dreamweaver Posts: 1,430 Arc User
    edited September 2010
    You got it mixed up for summers sprint. It's the sage version that's a purify the demon version prevents stun, slow, freeze, and I think sleep for 6 seconds after it's used.
  • Squeakytoy - DreamweaverSqueakytoy - Dreamweaver Posts: 660 Arc User
    edited September 2010
    You got it mixed up for summers sprint. It's the sage version that's a purify the demon version prevents stun, slow, freeze, and I think sleep for 6 seconds after it's used.

    Correct. The demon version prevents all movement impairing effects for 6 seconds. I love it. b:victory
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