Frighten.Am i missing something here?!

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Hello everyone,

Im a newbie barb and i have a little problem with the Frighten skill.My experience in dungeons is very limited but what i have noticed is that with a very very few exceptions every time i use frighten in a dungeon all i get is resist resist drives me crazy..

So can some of the most experienced barbs out there plz explain to me how that skill behaves?

ps: im lvl 58 and i have it at lvl 1 so i thought that maybe i should lvl it up a bit. but then i remember it being resisted right of the bat when i first trained it :/

ty for ur time.
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  • HippiePanda - Sanctuary
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    The reason of the resist are the monsters in instances when they are champions.
    You can't reduce the speed of champions or bosses. That explains the resist.
    But as you know does frighten has another debuff: Reducing their physical attack.
    When you check the debuff icons at the mobs you will notice that frighten does work though.
    IMO the only reason to use frighten is the attack debuff and that works always.

    You will need frighten in FCC runs, so better take it.
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    Frighten is a good generalized aggro skill for AOE grinding, as well as a good chi generator. Damage reduction is the main reason for using it, but speed debuff is good too, I suppose.

    Level it when you can, IMO, but don't make it a priority over important skills like Flesh Ream, Devour or any of your buffs/passives.
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    You will need frighten in FCC runs, so better take it.

    lol. Since when?

    I forget I even have it 90% of the time. b:chuckle
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    Frighten causes a physical attack debuff - which means the mobs hitting you don't hit as hard. Which means in Frost, while their is a pile of mobs pounding on you, they dont do as much damage, but you still gain as much chi from the hits.

    Then you can use that chi for sunder, or arma, instead of invoking.

    Demon Frighten has a chance for stun as well.

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    lol. Since when?

    I forget I even have it 90% of the time. b:chuckle

    They do hurt lvl 80 kittys
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    i use it cause i liek the color blue.
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