Lvl 90, what head gear to get?

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Very colse to hitting level 90 now and I'm wondering what is the best head gear for me to get.

Whilst I would love event and uber elite gear I don't have the funds for it. I'm just looking for something that is good.

Only one I have seen is Acient Behemoth Helm, but that costs around 15m for mats and I don't have that spare right now or time to farm the mats.

If I'm better sticking to a lvl80/85 item then happy to do so, but no idea's what is best.

Anyone got any suggestions please?
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  • tosipaska
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    usually best choice is to stick with normal 80-90 3* helm with good adds, like i have HP+120 Vit. +6
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    Eh i still you Aqua Helm of Visciouness. Its merly a 68 Helm but it works soo well mines 4 socket all flawless hp citrines and its +3 it has over 350 hp just with the refine. The rest come from the Vit in the helm and citrines...comes to about 600 give or take a few points. Its a great Helm however even now i am looking for a substitute.
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    For helm either make or buy a good grade 12 OHT helm. Same with cape unless you have tauren.

    For the rest of armor, just farm tt. I know the beast armor mats are difficult to obtain right now, so u might want to consider tt90 gold chest instead. If u do, you can mix it with gold arms or legs to get the strength bonus.

    Neck, go with sky demon pearl mold, belt demon slaughter mold. Rings, mix and match of misty forest, perfect attendance ring should do u fine.

    Axe, go with any tt90 that is in your weapon path really, but I prefer star axes out of the lot.

    This won't get u uber equiped for 90 (by todays standards) but its more than enough for pve and should be fine for pvp with enough refines.
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    Lol If your working hard and really wanna spend the extra dough you can go and spend 25-35 mil to craft Callhoused Lionheart Hatchets. You know if money isn't an issue X3
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    tosipaska wrote: »
    usually best choice is to stick with normal 80-90 3* helm with good adds, like i have HP+120 Vit. +6

    This. I was using a 81 3* +105HP +120HP 3 flawless citrine +3 until recently, where I switched to Warsoul of Earth 3 immaculate citrines +3, but was suprised to find that it only added about 100 extra HP.
  • HippiePanda - Sanctuary
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    I made myself a 3* OHT Helmet with 4 sockets.
    The adds are +5 vit, MP +210 and Reduce Damage Taken 1%.
    Altough the attributes could be higher (8 vit, 2% dmg red.) i do really like it and refined it to +6 with perfect citrines.
    Took me around 20 trys to get such a helmet! So it's possible.
  • barbarian013
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    Thnx for all the info ppl, it's given me some good viable options :)
  • Baalbak - Dreamweaver
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    I'm personally using the TT80 Helm refined +4 with 2 flawless citrines imbued. Cost to add two more sockets would be less than refining to +5 (and considerably less than the 90 gold helm).

    30 stones for 3rd socket, 100 for 4th = 130
    socket stones come in stacks of 10 in boutique for 11 tokens
    130/10 = 13
    13 stacks * 11 tokens = 143 tokens
    143 tokens * 10.3 average price of tokens = 1,472,900
    (subtract 33*10.3k if you already have 3rd socket) = 1,133,900 coins to get to 4 sockets

    flawless citrines purchasable for 14*10.3k = 144,200 each

    refining to +2 is easy enough without orbs. but if like me and cant get to +3 without orbs then:

    Gold @ 400k average, need 2 gold to buy 10 d.orbs 1 star (currently) so need ~800k * 1.02 (trading fee) = 816,000 coins

    Refine to +4 takes 29 d.orbs 1 star (to make both the 3 star and 4 star orb):
    3 stacks of 10 needs 6 gold to buy (1.8 * 3 = 5.4)

    6*400*1.02 = 2.448 Mil coins needed
    Note: refining to +4 from +2 gains additional 82 HP only on level 10 gear, so its much cheaper (by about 1 million coins) to socket/shard your gear with 2 additional flawlesses

    NB: buying orbs from catshops is generally more expensive, but always buy tokens from shops and not packs -- if tokens are what you really want.

    Hope that math helps you figure out where you want to spend your money at. For the coin spent, you can amp your HP much more with refines and shards on a lower grade helm with decent adds you like, than to spend more money than the shards and refines alone may cost you - to acquire a higher level helm.