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congradulations and enjoy

you are now needed to tank 3-2/3-3 again

*confettie fireworks and catnip*

now how many of you are actually going to tank it and how many will just cry about how hard it is now?
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    I donT get it. Whats the point?
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    @Hippie The new patch has made the TT 3-2 and 3-3 bosses hit harder than anything. Fist BMs with decent builds are getting one or two shotted by them now. Since BMs used to tank this instance usurping our throne as "tanks", the OP seems to point out that now we might have our throne back.

    @OP Thanks for the grats Josh. What can I say... Kitties rule... b:cute
    As a side note: I know quite alot of VIT build barbs would be reveling in their usual furry manner, and more than happy to tank the instance if the BMs decide to keep their fists in their pockets.
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    Hmm.. invoke spirit 90% reduce damage.. will be useful i guess.

    b:thanksb:thanksb:thanks we have a job again!
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    What is tanking? b:questionb:avoid
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