Sign up for the Perfect World Pack Boycott!!



  • Fiendishkit - Heavens Tear
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    Where's the ''polls like this wont really matter in the end because of the money they get from packs'' option? o_o
  • Lesthar - Heavens Tear
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    Where's the ''polls like this wont really matter in the end because of the money they get from packs'' option? o_o

    And sadly, it all ends to this.

    Game Over.

    Maintenance time. Please choose a line:
    - When is it over? OMG I need my fix!! *super spazzing*
    - Fix the damn bugs, dammit! I'm so angry! I'll quit!!
    - New codes out there? I like free stuff~ *wink*
    - When will we get new content? QQ
    - Will we get sales? I got a ton of gold to spend.
    - I'm bored, I'll create a useless thread to annoy Opkorock.
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    The Kin will bite. As it stands now, boycotting the packs will only hurt the game. The time to boycott them has already passed and in fact, the packs are NEEDED in today's game. Why? It's simple. So many people acquired lunar and gear that's supposed to be worked for with the gamble packs that, unless you spend months farming for them, you will -never- be competitive. Simply put, skill only works to an extent in this game and everything is gear based. PWE done the biggest no no of any online game. Selling equipment in packs.

    Selling small starter things to assist players is fine. Charms, low level 3* gear that caps at level 30 etc. But the Lunar, frost and TT gear should have been off limits from the get go. As it stands now, these weapons, which are powerful and -supposed- to be rare are as common as normal 3 star gear, which even 3* gear several levels higher than the end game gear has no comparison value to actually be usable in combat. This leaves players forced to farm equivalent lunar or frost gear to be competitive thus driving the need for packs up. Hence why they've reskinned the same anni / gamble packs so many times. They know people will buy it and then sell the signs and other insignias contained within them.

    Games like this, higher level gear should be earned by struggling through the tedious farming of the games. They reward that by offering unparalleled power on the weapons. (Look at warsoul for example.) They aren't -meant- to be the norm because of this and in the end, it turns the game into a giant one shot fest towards the later levels. (The Kin at level 77 with a +2 shadow legend has actually come close to 1 shotting lvl 9x arcanes, save wizards that are smart, as an assassin without cotd with lucky crits etc.) So in essence, all they really done was kill the life of the game in the end. Companies want record spike profits rather than a steady income in which they'd make more over time. They just don't realize it. Also it's easier to just shove out packs with instant rewards that people have become accustomed to.

    However, this type of economy is profitable for the company. Increased sales of refinement aids, D.orbs, charms etc because of the naturally higher damage people do..Honestly, in The Kin's opinion, the game is a sham of what it used to be. Bounty hunter and such was fine. But offering oracles and stuff in the packs, tokens, they basically just sold levels. Another rule of cash shopping they never should have broken.

    /end rant.
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    Buy your gear or work for it the choice is yours .

    I only see packs effecting balance on PvP servers not PvE apart from maybe TW.

    Braging rights ? i learnt to ignore those years ago in other games.

    Just play the game the way you want to play it and it can actualy be fun. Play it to compete with people who spend $$ then expect to spend $$ also .

    There are plenty of people who play and emjoy this game without spending $$.
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    buy buy buy till you lower the cost of my int set sell your souls you wonderfull lil CSers you <3
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    Playing the game is still fun for me. I don't buy packs with rl money. Working for my gear is fun. Loving my personal achievements is nice, compare to those who just charge $1000 and get everything they want, with no.....personal value, just empty rewards. :/

    As to the OP, packs wont be boycotted, those who love it will buy them. We adapt to packs....simple as that.
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  • Michael_Dark - Lost City
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    Boycotting the packs is just lame. They have never broken the game like this permanent Jones Blessing has. Ever.
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  • Hollyyy - Lost City
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    Are you SERIOUSLY starting a boycott without recognizing and understanding why we might just need the packs?
  • AngelOfLies - Heavens Tear
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    tbh i dont care if these packs r taken out or not. the only reason why this game is free is becuase of the gold that we buy. if the packs make ppl buy more gold to keep this damn thing free then go ahead PWE dish out all the packs u want. im just pissed it raised gold prices in ah thats truly about it
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  • Xpence - Archosaur
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    Just my lil opinion here-this game (at some of the older servers)had been flooded with packs and the toks and event gear from em almost from an year.Its already normal to see ppl runnin in pack gear here and there.Even if ur boycott succeeds do u think u gona turn the game it used to be?Its like poisonin something long time and then tryin to recover it.The balance will never be back.I dont see how its gona happen...really.Ppl are used to packs and all u can get via them-think only-toks are givin mana/hp pots/skill pages/subs and many many more stuff that was requirin hours to farm before.So u basically gona make all these ppl farm hours for it?Well lots of ppl are spoiled-especially new players.They re used to easy stuff -for them tokens are way to game.If u wana balanced gameplay and stuff,think already is pretty late...
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  • Archers_Soul - Lost City
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    Lol like that's ever gonna happen. Pwe is rollin in dough from all those freakin packs and they're never commin off the market
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  • Come_Hither - Lost City
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    Is there any other way to get packs other than buying them off other players or buying gold ingame to get them from the shop?

    Lets get real ppl. Without the cash shoppers this game would not even exist, it would bring no profit to the makers. They are in the business of making money and I am sure they have employees to pay. so dont buy the packs, hell dont play the game, as someone else said, hit uninstall and move on. If " the game" isnt fun anymore, find something else fun to do. Its pixils, you can not eat it, touch it, nor will it touch you. So many choices. I wonder how many of you would freak the hell out if tomorrow you wake up and found the damn game gone. No explanation, No return of cash. No info. what will you do?
  • Tamias - Archosaur
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    A majority of pack stuff can be made in game though the means are ridiculously hard.

    That being said, that doesn't mean that someone people wouldn't prefer to grind it out the hard way as opposed to the "easy" way (i.e. spending cash). A good way to show bad mouthing CSers with CS'd gear they're not all that is to beat them with in-game gears. Money and packs can not buy skills and there are MANY fail CSers who don't really know a lick about their class except from guides.

    You dont need packs in a game unless you recognize that you can't stand on your own good grounds as a game and with content that people enjoy enough to buy the other items. I guess PWI is too weak to rely on it's other sales and opt out for the "get rich quick" schemes. Which we all know what ends up form those-alot of disgruntled people with a very few coming out on top.

    I would say that yes, there is more pack haters than lovers, and those that are claimed to be "pack lovers" are really secretly hating how it's messing up the in-game economy (i.e. driving up gold prices to ridiculous rates and making certain prices for things such as sub mats and subs fall, a really good way for the poor population to make coin)
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  • Aldous - Harshlands
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    In the end, this doesn't come down to packs, leveling, or individual philosophies on what the came "should" or "could" be. It comes down to money. Perfect World Entertainment is a "for profit" business working in a non-essential industry during a down economy. That already puts them at a disadvantage. They're also expanding during a credit crunch, adding more difficulties to an already complex business model.

    When people have to choose between paying for a need (food, water, shelter, clothing,) and paying for a want(games, music, art, movies, eating out) the need almost always wins out. The goods and services considered essential for life vary from country to country, but in no country would argue that games are needed to sustain life. Discretionary items, like games, first things to go in a down economy, which hurts the bottom line.

    Some people argue that entertainment is essential for a healthy, sane life. They point to how entertainment based industries make up a large portion of the economy and how many people point to some discretionary item or service as the reason why they are able to do the essentials. This is more of a developed nation argument, as the third and second world countries simply can't afford these goods and services. They survive.

    The bottom line is that these discretionary products don't help you survive. Good clean food and water will help you live a longer life. So will healthcare, warm clothing and shelter. Education, information and training enables you to survive and afford these needs. Individuals sometimes swap intelligence, grit, and creativity for these products to achieve the same result. On the other hand, discretionary items like games, gadgets, and toys are not essential. They may help you thrive, but in a survival situation having an Ipod in a one room shack during rainy season won't help you survive.

    Perfect World Entertainment, like any company that works in a non-essential industry realizes that. They also realize that they need to find a way to make up for the shortfall. That means no ways to get people in buy. In this example it means packs, mounts, and a visibly expanded cash shop. It also might be accelerated leveling acquire more possible customers for it's product. Being a free to play game, perfect world's emphasis is as much on the cash shop as any other aspect of their game, because that's what covers their expenses.

    When you argue that the thrust of the game game has changed for the worse, you're making a philosophical argument, even an existential one. As players, we value the quality of a game above all other factors. Anything that improves that is good, anything does not is bad. Of course, quality is subjective and hard to quantify. For a moment let's consider what the situation looks like from Perfect World's point of view.

    Perfect World is expanding rapidly. It's a publicly traded company with already one bad quarter under it's belt, in a highly competitive market. If they can't meet their profit goals they'll lose funding as possibly go under. It's hardly unheard of, particularly in the gaming industry, for a company to go under after one or two bad quarters. They'll do anything to make sure this next quarter meets it's target. One of the main ways to do that is to make the cash shop more attractive.

    One of the ways Perfect World has done that, is by releasing items and features that make leveling and gearing up easier in exchange for cash. We've all seen the result of that strategy. Players level up faster, with less skill and better gear. This also means more revenue for the company. Even if that means the player quality goes down, it makes perfect sense of a company to take that kind of strategy.

    You may be questioning why a company would be willing to lose a significant portion of their most committed players? The reason is simple, money. The committed, experienced players in support of this boycott also buy less from the cash shop, generally speaking. They're also in the minority. If the experienced, first generation player population spends an average of $10 per person and the less experienced, more cash shop oriented group of players spends an average of $20 per player they're worth more. Additionally, few of the old guard player are left over in this game. From a marketing standpoint, they're an insignificant outlier.

    Any company that puts philosophy ahead of profit puts itself at a disadvantage. You can't expect perfect world to stop selling world packs, just because you don't like it, especially when you don't spend much in the cash shop yourself. Any boycott of the world packs will fail, because perfect world can afford to lose you as a player population. It's just dollars and sense. They're not marketing to you anymore. Just take a look at your numbers. Only 43 out of millions of active players support it; an insignificant minority. Additionally, you're boycott isn't sensibly thought out. There is no rally cry to gather around. This is why this and any similar boycott will fail.

    You don't spend much money, why should they care what you think?
  • ufop
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    I like others lvl'd the hard way and yes it felt good to be one of the first lvl 101's on the server the pro's of hard core leveling like grinding gammas/deltas are that you learn your class and work as a team and make friends.The pack did ruin the game as there is now not much point in doing lunar runs etc so the only solution to the packs as i see it is..
    put everything that you get from pack in the boutique so say tokens 10k each wil sell in boutique as 40 tokens for 1 gold.Lunar weapon 138 gold..ring 135 gold.vit stones 50 gold.
    etc so people can just go charge gold earn coin to buy them the people who already have like 10000 tokens cant sell them for more than 10k each so that stops the price of those going up and the same with the items they will have a set price hence get rid of packs and just sell the stuff in boutique then players can work on farming TT etc again for coin to buy the gear while stopping the people that have loads of tokens raising the price of them to 20k+ if pack go all together