SL abuse.

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On PVP servers, it is my thought that

A) Safety Lock should be disabled.


B) Item drop from having a "red" name should override Safety Lock.

As it stands now, PKers are able to hide behind this feature and avoid the consequences that are set up for PK. What's the point of you name even changing color if all you have to do is log off every 29min to reset your 30min SL to avoid any and all risks that go along with having a red or pink name?

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    No one has to buy gold for dolls anymore. Yay for that.

    eatswithspoons "*roll eyes* real money for virtual property? That's definitely not allowed"

    Lol what?
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    No one has to buy gold for dolls anymore. Yay for that.

    But if you don't know how to work SL then your stuck with for a while. My friend once set his to 3 hours and it didn't go away for a week,
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    All hell would break lose in a PvP server without SL...
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    This is PW. PvP i non-existant.
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    Isn't the Saftey Lock glitch why they implemented weapon breakage?
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    yeah but apparently people dont mind that now ^^
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    There are already consequences to using the Safety Lock for PvP, many of which have been well-documented on this forum. Please use the Search function to find these threads.
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