Would you start playing after having look at forum?

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The thing I've (and I guess a majority) noticed is constantly increasing amount of QQ threads. More funny is that almost all the QQ's are because of something not just for the fun of ranting in public.
I'm simply wondering if you were potential new player and had a look on forum to do lil research .... would you join seeing all that? I say big NO. For me sick atmosphere is not without a reason and if that is then it's obvious theres not much fun in game.

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    If you looked at most game forums before joining that game you probably wouldn't play any game at all being that there is a large majority of negative. Maybe looking at the best of 2 evils in contrast between 2 or more games. But if someone looked at these forums and were interested in trying the game they would have an advantage knowing in advance that currently assassins are the best in Pk, Venomancers least costly over the long run, Demon with decide claws BM/Archer/Barbarian/assassin have the most damage potential. The complaints are a good heads up to who is new.

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    Where's the "hell no" option?
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    I tend to choose a MMO to make a long-term run. I then try to inform myself the most possible on the pros and cons of it.

    Before joining PWI, I played another MMO (that I shall not name, of course) and played it regularly until it began to fail. But for the sake of my characters (no, it's not a fetish, but a lot of affection) and a few select friends, I go back there once in a blue moon.

    I really don't think I would want to go for a MMO if it was not enjoyable... and thus I chose no, naturally.
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    If you looked at most game forums before joining that game you probably wouldn't play any game at all being that there is a large majority of negative.
    Can't agree cause I was actually looking here and there and I got expression like they'd beat up a world record in complaints.

    Where's the "hell no" option?

    Hell no! If I had idea before.
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    i usually reccomend alot of newcomers ot the forums, but after sseeing all the ranting.. :/ this forum be no role model i tell yab:surrender
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    I most likely would, but that's because I'm an "experience it yourself" type of guy.
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    Ok being not a big fan of pk/duels and the likes...i could care less is assassins were OP or not. However I would still raise my concerns regarding balance for the heck of it.

    Main reasons for me to play a MMO are:-
    1.) Is the community good? Pretty sure PW ranked higher than others for me in this aspect
    2.) Good looks? Yes it seems to be good in that area too
    3.) Easy to play/understand? Pretty sure thats there too. Wouldnt wanna come back from work and have to focus heck lot on killing things (hence why i play an archer and not a tank as always)
    4.) Has a good challenge? I know lately this aspect has been removed thanks to the various dailies and cash shop items, etc but when I joined I believe it was still there to some extent (no BHs around).

    So looking at the amount of QQ on these forums, I would say, my first 3 conditions still holds good and hence I would still play it.